[SHOP] 20% AP Sale

You will receive an additional 20% AP on all AP purchases you started from the 25th of August 2020 11:00am CET until the 2nd of September 2020 10:59pm CET!

[PROMO-Bundle] Love comes true! (My Dangerous Life)

Our protagonists are on vacation in Florensia. If you also want to receive the look of one of Hinata's charming knights head over to: https://mydangerouslife.xsollasitebuilder.com  to get your hands on one of the exclusive Game packages for My Dangerous Life which includes not only the game key for this exciting and great Visual Novel but also a Code to redeem two pieces of the "New Yorker - Knights" look within Florensia.

[SHOP] Wonderful Accessories

Do we detect a sparkle there? A glint of gold and diamonds?....That can only mean....that a special accessory sale has begun!

[SHOP] Celestial Armor

An armor carved from purest silver, molded into exquisite plates and crafted to perfection - one might go as far as calling it celestial. Our Florensian armorers have really outdone themselves with this one...don't miss out and grab your celestial armor today with a reduction of 15%!

[SHOP] Diamond Dust

Ready for the weekend? Ready for a small boost? Ready for some Diamond Dust? We've got you covered! Get your pouch of sparkly powder now with a discount of 25%!

[SHOP] Jaculus Super Sale

Behold the Jaculus Armor, named after the fiersome beast from Greek mythology. This serpent-like dragon waits on its victims and jumps them, swift as a flying arrow. Gain the power of the Jaculus now with a reduction of 25%!

[SHOP] EXP Extreme

With EXP Extreme you can now get Ocean Boxes, EXP Potions, Dresses and Hats for Land & Sea with a discount of 20%, so you can really get started!

[SHOP] Wonderful Weapons

You think a fat tuna can't make an absolutely effective weapon? You thought wrong! You didn't know sweets could make an absolutely glorious accessory in battle? Try hitting your opponent over the head with a candy sword some time!

[SHOP] Summer Horror

The monsters don't kick back with a margarita and a sunhat, they'll just take the chance to attack you as soon as you lay off your armour to slip into your bathing shorts. So watch out! The horror doesn't disappear just because it's summer!

[SHOP] Summer Wedding

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and in the distance we hear some wedding bells ringing...Why not pop the question during this wonderful time and dress up in our one-of-a-kind wedding dresses and tuxedos?

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