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[SHOP] Animalistic

Exploring the world with a gorgeous Yukata is all very well, but sometimes an adventurer prefers to adapt more to nature and let out his animal side! After all, we Florensians do love our animal costumes!


[MAINTENANCE] 28.02.2020

We will perform a maintenance on Friday, February 28th 2020 from 7am CET to implement a Double EXP Event over the weekend. 

Diamond dust

[SHOP] Diamond Dust

Ready for the weekend? Ready for a small boost? Ready for some Diamond Dust? We've got you covered! Get your pouch of sparkly powder now with a discount of 25%!

Random box special

[SHOP] Random Box Special

What could be better loot than a large, glittering treasure chest! Be brave, adventurers, and discover the treasures that await you! And don't forget: If you are quick you will receive a magical reduction of 20%!

Event news 1

[EVENT] Voice of Florensia

Dear Florensians, some of you may remember the radio events in Florensia, a long time ago. We would love to bring these kinds of events back to life. But since we have to remain completely anonymous it is not possible for us to read out loud texts or dialogues ourselves.

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[League] Benefit changes

Since the launch of the Flo-league we have noticed a decreasing amount of participants due to the tough competition of the league. Therefore we have made some changes to the rewarding system to benefit all players who attend. For every Sunday that a player participates at least 2 rounds in, they will be rewarded 1 x Platinum Powder.

Be my valentine

[SHOP] Be my Valentine

That special day reserved for you and your loved ones every year is upon us! Celebrate Valentine's Day in style and carry a cute heart upon your head to spread the love or even get down on one knee and propose - you know we've got your back when it comes to clothes and accessories!

Event news 1

[EVENT] Kill the boss

Dear Florensians, You think your party works together the best? Is your Team well interacting in killing bosses and PvP? Show it in our Boss-PvP Event! You will fight with your party against an enemy party. The aim of the Event is to kill the enemy boss! The best party’s will earn a PvP Box!

Peter pan 1

[SHOP] Peter Pan

"Second star to the right, and straight on till morning."​ Take a trip to Florensia's very own Neverland with this dreamy Peter Pan outfit that will never let you grow up or bring some pixie dust into your life as a cute fairy!

Age of anubis

[SHOP] Age of Anubis

The pharao has once again graced us with his presence and surveys us through the glowing eyes of his impressive Anubis headgear. Get your outfit now with a reduction of 25% for your ancient Egyptian flair!

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