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Maintenance 1

[MAINTENANCE] 03.12.2019

We will perform a maintenance on Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 from 7am CET to remove the Double Drop Event.

Friendly whiterat

[News] Friendly Rat Exclusive Pack

What's white, fluffy, follows you everywhere you go by sitting on your head, and loves golden coins? Exactly! The exclusive white rat headgear that is now available. With a special 100 USD/EUR AP purchase you will receive besides your 100.000 AP this new companion.


[SHOP] Black Friday Vampire

Time to bare your fangs with our special Black Friday Vampire! Get your dangerously sexy stat redo of this classic dress and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies!


[SHOP] Black Friday

We all know what today is. The blackest of the black Fridays, which means a reduction on all the blackest of the black items.....delve into the item shop now for a selection of the least colorful items we have in store for you! The only flashy thing about them is the 35% reduction you'll get!

Event news

[Event] Boss Hunt 2.0

Dear Florensians, Do you think you and your party have the best teamwork? Can you kill the bosses the fastest? Show us what you've got! You and your Party will face multiple bosses, one after the ...

Double drop event

[MAINTENANCE] Double Drop Event

We will perform a maintenance on Tuesday, November 19th from 7am CET to implement a Double Drop Event.

Spirits of florensia

[SHOP] Spirits of Florensia

Have you ever heard a sudden rustling of leaves behind you, only to find that there's nothing there, or discovered that some of your snacks inexplicably disappeared? Well, that probably means that you're being followed by a little forest spirit! But don't fret - they won't do you any harm.

Maintenance 2


Dear Florensians, techincal issues on  AHA site prevented todays patch to be set on live. Maintenance is therefore expected to be postponed to next week. Thank you for your understanding. Your Florensia Team


[SHOP] Trick or Treat!

That spooky time of year is finally upon us and all manner of creatures are hovering on our doorstep! Better stay indoors, just to be could dress up like them and see if the monsters notice the difference.

Dark magician

[EVENT] The Return of the Dark Magician

You remember that wretched little witch? The one who wasn’t even able to master her exam by herself? It was so easy to catch her. But I need her to lure you to my little Halloween party, where you all are going to die. I mean, where you can rescue her.

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