[EVENT] Summer Fight Club

We are happy to announce our Event Team is arranging a Party PvP Event for this Summer!

[SHOP] Dark Spirits

Dear Florensians, The days are indeed long. But from today on the nights are getting longer again and there will be more dark hours that lure the shadowy creatures of this world out of their hiding...

[SHOP] Headgear Havoc

It's Headgear Havoc! Get your Florensian headgears reduced by 30% now! Grab your favourite Noble Hats, techy Cyborg Scouters, glittery Ice Crowns, stern Grim Reaper and Devil Walker Hats, puffy Wind's Ears, colorful Goral Hats, fierce Pirate Hats, and even the occasional bright Gypsy Hat! Nobody need ever go out hat-less again!

[SHOP] Essence Essentials

It's now time to bring your essences to the next level with a whopping 30% discount!

Florensia Team is Recruiting

As you may have noticed, we have reevaluated our Florensia Team structure which has lead to some changes. The main one being that we have decided to divide the Support and Community Team.

[EVENT] Draw your Character Reminder

We are in awe with the artistic skills shown in the drawings we have received so far and would love to see even more!

[SHOP] Random Box Special

What could be better loot than a large, glittering treasure chest?!

[SHOP] Fearless Fighters

Stealth, strength, endurance and honor...all the traits of a true Fighter! Put on that mask and prove your skills as an honorable Brave Cheongsam, Cyborg, Samurai, Masked Ninja, Knight or Ghost Warrior seeking revenge! Now with a reduction of 25%!! What are you waiting for?

[SHOP] Birthday Super Upgrade Madness

Happy Birthday Giiku - It's Super Sale Time! Be fast and get the chance to upgrade your items with a stunning discount of 40%.

[EVENT] Draw your Character

It's time for you to show your artistic skills! We are sure you had a lot of time to decorate and beautify your character. Now is the time to illustrate them with your own two hands!

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