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Since the benefit of a defunct memory point is not fair to other players, especially in PvP, usage is now classified as Griefplay.
You know what time of the year it is...The tents are built up, the booths are ready and there's that familiar anticipation in the air that can only mean one thing...Tomorrow all that's left to say will be: O'zapft is!
We will perform a maintenance on Friday, September 20th 2019 from 7am CET to implement some bug fixes.
Are you a cat or a dog person? Or maybe both? Well, if you want to show your love for those little cute furballs that meow at regular intervalls, have a look at our newest accessories! "Who is Baibai?" you may ask - No worries, you'll find out soon enough in our upcoming visual novel Detective Kobayashi. Dear Baibai has granted us these cute earrings, collar and ring made in her image and will certainly find it meowtastic to see you dressed up as a kitten as well. Purrfect!
We hear your looking for some sweet boosts for your adventures at sea? Got it! Check out our brand-new treasure chests with a variety of glistening bronze fish that increase your Sea EXP! What's that? You're saying you obviously also need a good outfit to give you the proper pirate flair? No worries, just slip into our epic pirate coats - they'll grant you a Sea EXP boost of 20% after all!


It is the task of the Explorer to reveal hidden secrets all over the world and discover ancient treasures. They also have the ability to quickly attack an enemy from a great distance.
Excavators are specialists in using dual pistols along with unique weaponry such as poison bombs, mines, and dynamite.
The Sniper is well known as a real damage dealer and specializes in rifles and shotguns.

Loyalty is one of the Mercenarie's greatest strengths and they will never be afraid to stand up for their allies. No other fighter can rival their courage, physical abilities and defenses.
Gladiators are skilled offensive fighters and are experienced in combat with daggers, rifles and two-handed swords.
Guardian Swordsmen are masters of defense and use an arsenal of rifles, daggers, one-handed swords and shields.

Nobles have completed an exclusive training to enhance their magical skills. They can attack many enemies at the same time and confuse them by teleporting or seducing them to give their companions the chance to attack.
Magic Knights are especially skilled fighters when it comes to debuff skills and the use of rapiers.
Court Magicians revel in Elemental Magic and enter the battlefield with glistening cariads and daggers.

Saints have the gift of listening to the sounds of nature and responding to them. They can use the destructive powers of both Light and Darkness to help and heal their companions.
Priests call upon the divine Power of Light and have special healing powers. Their weapons of choice are cariads, daggers and two-handed swords.
Shamans call upon the Power of Darkness and have defensive as well as offensive skills. They specialize in the use of cariads, daggers and two-handed swords.

Florensia is a free-to-play MMORPG with a 3D anime style. Experience legendary worlds ashore and at sea and explore picturesque environments. Mysterious islands, sinister dungeons, dangerous monsters and legendary battles make Florensia a unique and unforgettable game experience.

Develop your individual characters and ships and become a hero. The special dual battle system allows you to boost both your land and sea level and independently expand your abilities. Choose one of four basic classes: Mercenary, Explorer, Noble or Saint and evolve to one of eight extended classes at level 40. Meet incredible boss monsters, stand against their unpredictable attacks with the perfect strategy, and discover valuable treasures. Play with friends or create a strong guild and enter challenging battles in the War Zones. Meet players from all around the world, in-game or in our Florensia forums.

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