[SHOP] 20% AP Sale

You will receive an additional 20% AP on all AP purchases you started from the 23rd of October 2020 06:00pm CET until the 5th of November 2020 11:59am CET!

[EVENT] Halloween

Adventurer! The world of florensia needs your help to defeat the forces of evil! Stop the Black Wizard from creating the potion that will give him a power that can make all creatures fall under his control and cause panic. Join the resistance and stop the Black Wizard's henchmen from abducting the precious mushrooms that are the key ingredient in making the potion! Will you be able together with your friends to defeat evil?

[SHOP] Traveler Sale

Unfortunately, traveling around the globe has been put on hold for a while - but that doesn't mean you can't travel around Florensia at your heart's desire!

[EVENT / PROMO] Scratching in the Dark! (Hermitage / Fateful End)

Mysterious times awaiting us with the releases of Hermitage and Fateful End! The web of reality strangle those with the sight of twilight. Illusions, rumors and magical forces enter the dimensions of Florensia and to be more precise the bodies of our tower bosses. So get yourself a protective spell until the 3rd of October.

[SHOP] Dragon Priest

Murderous dark brown eyes, glistening purple scales and scorching red flames - dragons are a fearsome thing to behold!

[SHOP] Deadly Delights

Enjoy as many cakes and lollipops as you like and blame it on National Dessert Day!

[EVENT] Oktoberfest Contest

Thank you very much for the numerous entries for our Oktoberfest contest! We received many beautiful screenshots which made it very difficult for us to choose a winner. Nevertheless we did it and would like to present the winner to you: Congratulations HenryJackson!

[SHOP] Cyborg Gear

We are from another planet and have taken over the Florensia shop. At the last second, the staff told us that you like tech-themed dresses. Therefore, we want to make you a peace offering and present you with the Cyborg Gear, which is available in black, silver and white. We are hoping for a peaceful cooperation in the new year and...just don't pay attention to the flying discs in the sky.

[SHOP] Headgear Havoc

It's Headgear Havoc! Get your Florensian headgears reduced by 15% now! Grab your favourite Noble Hats, techy Cyborg Scouters, glittery Ice Crowns, stern Grim Reaper and Devil Walker Hats, puffy Wind's Ears, colorful Goral Hats, fierce Pirate Hats, and even the occasional bright Gypsy Hat! Nobody need ever go out hat-less again!

[SHOP] Fancy Hakama

Looking to dress up fancy? And get some fancy stats at the same time? Well, we all know what the solution is: The Fancy Hakama!

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