Code of Conduct

We want you to have fun while playing Florensia, which is a reason why we moderate the channels. You should always follow the phrase

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

The main idea behind those wise words are to be kind, to be fair and to be constructive so everybody can enjoy their stay here.

I. Environment of the Chat 

The staff reserves the right to mute, kick or ban users from the game server if the mentioned violations occur. It is on them to decide what punishment is suitable. A warning before the punishment is optional for the moderating force.

  1. Disrespectful behavior is not being tolerated, which includes not just spam, hate speech, threating, harassment, sexual content, insults, rumors, and impersonations but also witch-hunting of players or staff members or extreme flaming. This means also that we do not want (private) drama or conflicts to be dealed within our game chats.

  2. Be sure not to disclosure personal data about yourself or others. If you tell others personal data about yourself, that is on your own risk. Still those players hold no right to spread it any further.

  3. Even if it is not explicitly mentioned in the rules, if a member of the team tells you to stop addressing a certain topic and/or behavior, this must be acknowledged and accepted, otherwise the Moderator may act against it.

II. Environment in the Game 

We are always working on making the game more enjoyable and natural for you. Therefore, we felt the need to set up some basic rules and clarifications regarding Do's and Don't's in Florensia.

The staff reserves the right to kick or ban users from the game server if the mentioned violations occur. It is on them to decide what punishment is suitable. A warning before the punishment is optional for the moderating force.

  1. Do not exploit any errors (to your advantage). Everyone should have the same chances. Using third party tools (which includes also Macro gaming equipment) to bot, hack the client, nerf some game features or speed up your character is strictly forbidden and listed as Fraud which can result in a permanent block of the account. There is no need for the Florensia Staff to declare a bug beforehand as a bug – if it's against the intention of fair play, you should not use it. We suggest you always play in fairness.

  2. Do not try to rob fellow players of their fun in the game. So-called grief play would speak against the whole idea “treat others like you also want to be treated”. Grief play is the intention to destroy the whole game play of another player at any costs such as taking monsters to other players and log out or resetting the boss monsters with certain skills.

    Killsteal, collecting a lot of monsters and kills of players in the warzones where the player loses experience are not seen as grief play.

  3. Quests are an essential help to level up, which is why we want to ensure that players who are seeking to accomplish these quests, can do so without any problems from 3rd parties. Players who have an active boss quest, always have priority. You are obliged to invite said players to the party, in order to help them.

    The priority shall be dismissed, should the player with the quest decline an invitation to the party or any other form of help.

    Companions (combat pets) are not excluded from this rule. The owner is responsible for their pet and is liable for its action.

    The exploitation of this rule by for example pretending to have a boss quest when you don't, is going to be treated as grief play. This rule only applies to boss monsters - normal monsters are excluded from this rule.

  4. Use the engine and the features for the reason they were implemented for. As an example: The 100-Floors tower or the 1vs1-function with other players are not meant to help you within warzone fights. We suggest you always play in fairness.

    Every case gets checked individually. The staff holds the right to decline requests under certain circumstances.

    Account issues can only be addressed to Be sure to write us always with the mail address that is registered to the requested account.

    Last changes: 23/06/2021

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