[SHOP] Make a Change

Dear Florensians, We think the time has come for a little change! Stock up on Seal items or check out all kinds of colorful hair or eye potions in our shop - and if that isn't enough for you, there...

[SHOP] Itemshop purchasing process

We are experiencing a problem on the process which should deliver purchased items to your characters from itemshop.

[SHOP] Conquer the Seas

Do you hear the call of the Ocean? The determined captains are standing at the helm while their excited sailors are busy preparing to hoist the sails this fine day! We seem to be in Poseidon's good graces today, since the waves are smooth and there are no clouds to be seen on the horizon! A perfect day to set out on a journey across our vast Florensian oceans!

[SHOP] 30% Anniversary AP Sale

We start celebrating the 5-year Giiku Games Anniversary, you will receive an additional 30% AP on all AP purchases you make from now until the 14th of May 2024, 12:00 AM CET! You'll also find additional special sales with whopping discounts in the next weeks.

[SHOP] Black Suits Me Best

It's time again for elegant & dark costumes! Let's be honest: red or blue and black dresses are literally dead smart. So you can glam up properly, our shop is now offering Gothic Dresses, Fancy Hakama and much more! Impress your friends with this modern costume and get a reduction of 20%. 

[UPDATE] Security note

here you may find a news with some clarifications on common happenings. Even if news is somehow long, we kindly ask you to read it all and behave accordingly.

[SHOP] Animalistic

Exploring the world with a gorgeous Yukata is all very well, but sometimes an adventurer prefers to adapt more to nature and let out his animal side! After all, we Florensians do love our animal costumes!

[UPDATE] Florensia goes Social

We are thrilled to announce that Florensia is now on TikTok!

[SHOP] Essence Essentials

It's now time to bring your essences to the next level with a whopping 20% discount!

[SHOP] Traveler Sale

Let's travel around Florensia at your heart's desire! And don't worry, you won't have to dig deep into your purse, since we have a shop update ready for you! Stock up on travel items with up to 70% discount and lovely gypsy attire and noodles with a reduction of 20% now!! Enjoy your travels!

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