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[NEWS] Lv1 EXP Bug - Rule Violation Update

Unfortunately we have noticed recently a lot of people using level 1 characters to gain more exp when killing monsters due to a known bug we have within the game. We didn't consider this a rule violation before but after discussing it further with our team, and from seeing the amount of level 1 characters being used to exploit this advantage increase nowadays, this will no longer be allowed and will be considered a general rule violation.

Event news 1

[EVENT] Look at you!

When we look at some dress combination we wonder what the developer had in mind. You too? Today we challenge your courage for ugliness, show us either alone, with your party or even with your guild how hideous you can look!

Diamond dust

[SHOP] Diamond Dust

Ready for the weekend? Ready for a small boost? Ready for some Diamond Dust? We've got you covered! Get your pouch of sparkly powder now with a discount of 25%!


[SHOP] Starter Bundles

Quite a few new faces have been showing up recently - more and more adventurers are seeking to gain glory in the realms of Florensia and are hanging around town in search of some nice goodies to pack into their travel bag before they start off on their journey.


[SHOP] Strong Together!

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we would like to do our part by staying home and supporting each other where we can. We would like to show the strength of our amazing Florensia community through this heart item. All proceeds (100%) from sales of this item will be donated to an organization fighting the Corona crisis.

Kitty accessories

[SHOP] Kitty Accessories

Are you a cat or a dog person? Or maybe both? Well, if you want to show your love for those little cute furballs that meow at regular intervalls, have a look at our accessories!


[SHOP] 15% Easter AP Sale

You will receive an additional 15% AP on all AP purchases you started from the 9th of April 2020 4:30pm CET until the 14th of April 2020 12:00pm CET! Happy Easter!


[SHOP] Mars Box Special

There have been whispers...there have been rumors...but it is indeed true! The shop owners have placed all their Mars Boxes in their shop windows with a reduction of 25%!

Reinforcements wanted

[NEWS] Recruitment

Game Masters in Florensia work in the ticket system to provide customer service to the game's players. Responsibilities include a full range of customer service functions. They assist with solutions to technical problems, answer questions about the game and its rules and are the first contact person for the player in general. They work on ban and mute requests and take care of a solid flow of ticket answers.

Epic easter

[SHOP] Epic Easter

We wish you a great Easter holiday and enjoyable time painting eggs, looking for Easter nests or going on some exciting adventures in this spare time! Apart from that, we of course have a little surprise in our Florensia shop for you: Our Easter Random Box is back (the unlimited Cherry Blossom Coronets and Rebirth Egg are only available in this Random Box) and our Bunny Girl and Boy dresses as well! Have a look and don't hesitate to wear some bunny ears for the occasion!

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