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[SHOP] Wonderful Weapons

You think a fat tuna can't make an absolutely effective weapon? You thought wrong! You didn't know sweets could make an absolutely glorious accessory in battle? Try hitting your opponent over the head with a candy sword some time!


[SHOP] Summer Horror

The monsters don't kick back with a margarita and a sunhat, they'll just take the chance to attack you as soon as you lay off your armour to slip into your bathing shorts. So watch out! The horror doesn't disappear just because it's summer!

Summer wedding 1

[SHOP] Summer Wedding

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and in the distance we hear some wedding bells ringing...Why not pop the question during this wonderful time and dress up in our one-of-a-kind wedding dresses and tuxedos?

Back to school

[SHOP] Back to School

Want to look extra smart? Sleek and put together, but sassy enough that teachers won't start to question whether you REALLY read that textbook or just skimmed over the wikipedia summary?

Make a change

[SHOP] Make a Change

You can find all kinds of colorful hair potions or eye color changes in our shop right now, and if that isn't enough for some of you, there's a name and propensity reset in there as well!


[SHOP] 15% AP Sale

You will receive an additional 15% AP on all AP purchases you started from the 17th of July 2020 11:30am CET until the 21st of July 2020 12:00pm CET!

Conquer the seas

[SHOP] Conquer the Seas

Do you hear the call of the Ocean? The determined captains are standing at the helm while their excited sailors are busy preparing to hoist the sails this fine day! We seem to be in Poseidon's good graces today, since the waves are smooth and there are no clouds to be seen on the horizon! A perfect day to set out on a journey across our vast Florensian oceans!


[SHOP] Wizarding Week

Our brave explorers set out again and again to discover these mysteries in the magical world of Florensia. Today we would like to increase your powers with a little surprise: It's wizarding week! That means you'll be able to get some special items in our shop until the 19th of July!

Kitty accessories

[SHOP] Kitty Accessories

Are you a cat or a dog person? Or maybe both? Well, if you want to show your love for those little cute furballs that meow at regular intervalls, have a look at our accessories! The cats of Florensia have granted us cute ears, earrings, a collar and a ring made in their image and will certainly find it meowtastic to see you dressed up as a kitten as well. Purrfect!

Mdl   wishlist

[EVENT / PROMO] A wish for Love! (My Dangerous Life)

With the sun comes the heat and we're looking forward to something hot with the release of My Dangerous Life on Steam on the 23rd of July! What does a different game have to do with your duties in Florensia, you ask? Well, let us explain. Some of the Tower bosses are secretly fans of this game’s genre and wish for it to become a great hit. For that they are even willing to jump into a PvP Zone and even offer the loot of different bosses outside the tower.

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