[EVENT] All you need is love

We want to invite you to our „All you need is love and Florensia“ contest! You got to know your partner in-game and your love knows no limits?

[SHOP] Traveler Sale

Ready for the weekend? Maybe planning a quick trip? Don't worry, you won't have to dig deep into your purse, since we have a shop update ready for you! Stock up on travel cards with a reduction of 75% now!! Enjoy your travels!

[NEWS] Exclusive Bundle - with limited Florensia item and 1000 AP!

Get your bundle for the visual novel Little One! Use this chance to receive the full game on Steam as well as an exclusive, limited item in Florensia plus 1000 AP!

[MAINTENANCE] 14.01.2020

We will perform a maintenance on Tuesday, January 14th 2020 from 7am CET to remove the Christmas decoration.

[SHOP] Pet Sale

You ready for 2020? You sure? I mean...you might want a companion to back you up in the battles to come, just in case. No worries, there are many to choose from that have all kinds of skill and specialties. Get a looting, combat or riding pet, it all depends on your style! Your cute and fearsome companions are now available in our grand Pet Sale. They're only available with a reduction of 15%, so be sure to grab this chance!

[MAINTENANCE] 08.01.2020

We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, January 8th 2020 from 7am CET to remove the Double EXP Event.

[EVENT] Spawn Event

It's tradition to end the old year with fireworks and we want to do the same with you! That's why we would like to invite you to our last big spawn event this year. Let's end the year with a bang!

[SHOP] EXP Extreme

Who doesn't know it: The monsters are getting meaner, the guild already has a really high level and you want to be ready for the approaching dangers and emerge as the most experienced warrior! With EXP Extreme you can now get discounted Ocean Boxes, EXP Potions, Dresses and Hats for Land & Sea, so you can really get started!

[NEWS] Exclusive Kobayashi Bundle only available until the 31st of December!

Quick reminder: If you haven't yet, don't forget to grab a limited bundle including the visual novel Detective Kobayashi and an exclusive Florensia skin! This offer will only be available until the 31st of December 2019 (the dress will not be available in the itemshop)!

Attention Please!

We hope you are enjoying the x2 EXP Event! Over the past few weeks we've received some complaints regarding the use of the Tower to remove debuffs. Allowing players to remove debuffs and heal repetitively was having an overall negative impact on the game. Therefore we have decided that using the Tower to remove debuffs, or to use it with the intent of gaining an ovious advantage is forbidden and will be considered a rule violation as it does not follow the idea of fair play.

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