[SHOP] World Cup

The World Cup 2018 is approaching - are you excited already?? Which team are you voting for to take home the trophy? Well, us Florensians, we know a fair bit about Soccer ourselves. If you want to show that you're a great fan as well, why not wear a bright T-Star Ball in blue, black or gold above your head for everyone to see! Or support your favourite team by wishing them luck with a colourful Four-leaved Clover.

[SHOP] Conquer the Seas

We hope you enjoy this time of the dragon boat festival, which is coming up on the 18th of June, shining in bright colors of red and gold. To celebrate together, we have decided to offer a little something in our Florensia item shop so you can all dress up for the festivities! This means all red items are reduced by 10%! Be quick, because this offer only lasts until the end of this weekend, the 17th of June!

[UPDATE] Patchlog

Dear Florensians,We fixed the following issues in our maintenance today: 1: You were able to call your mount while sitting. This lead to a wrong animation and has been fixed. You cannot call your m...

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