[UPDATE] Advent(urer) Calendar

In the winter days leading up to Christmas, many families have a tradition of giving each other small gifts like chocolate each day leading up to the holidays through an advent calendar. Since we also are a big family, the Florensia family, we would like to give you some small surprises over the next weeks. So keep an eye on the news, the forum and pay attention in-game. We prepared some large and small riddles and events for you. Join the fun and maybe even win something. Happy Holidays!

[SHOP] Cyborg Gear

We are from another planet and have taken over the Florensia shop. At the last second, the staff told us that you like tech-themed dresses. Therefore, we want to make you a peace offering and present you with the Cyborg Gear, which is available in black, silver and white. We are hoping for a peaceful cooperation in the new year and...just don't pay attention to the flying discs in the sky.

[SHOP] Black Friday

Black Friday is finally here! We'd like to celebrate this day and give you a special opportunity to get some of your favorite black dresses and items with an amazing discount of 25%! Don't miss out on this once-a-year opportunity!

[EVENT] Remembrance Day

Dear Florensians,in memory of our omnipresent peace we celebrate the Remembrance Day every year. This year we want to test your and your mates power. The idea of the event is originally made up by ...

[SHOP] Thanksgiving

The pilgrims once celebrated the first Thanksgiving after their first harvest in the new world, and now we celebrate it every year in appreciation of what we have! Thanks is given for a good harvest, the end of a drought, military victory and so on. Foods such as delicious vegetables and mouth-watering pumpkin pie are served and everyone gathers to enjoy this special day!

[SHOP] Winter Wedding

Especially during this cold time of the year, festivities with your loved ones are a great idea. You have the perfect opportunity to marry in a wonderful autumn or winter scenery between lovely pine trees. For this grand occasion we are offering you the matching tuxedos and wedding dresses, which you can top off with a glittering crown, tiara or snow-coloured flower sparkles.

[UPDATE] T-Shirts now available on Amazon!

After many requests for printed T-Shirts, this motif is now available on amazon.de in white, silver and black! Get yours now!

[SHOP] Upgrade Madness

Get prepared for the colder and darker months, where the fights against evil are hardest! Snatch your boosts with a reduction of 20% and be ready for anything!

[SHOP] Deadly Delights

Dear Florensians, one of the most famous things to do on Halloween is to go Trick or Treating. With it the exciting question remains...what delicious treats await as you wander through the night? W...

[EVENT] Nightmare before Halloween

That darkest night of the year is drawing closer... You know the one: Halloween is upon us! A legend tells us about a parallel universe full of monsters and about a portal that those monsters pass through to roam the night. Now we call upon you adventurers to save Florensia once again!

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