[SHOP] Harvest Moon

It is time for the annual Harvest Moon Festival! We also call it the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to gather, to give thanks for the good harvest, and to pray for a good future. Offerings are given to the moon and the Moon Goddess of Immortality, Chang'e. People burn incense and perform dragon and lion dances in celebration to the shining lights of many colorful lanterns. Often people also pray to Chang'e to fulfill their romantic wishes, which is why they always dress up in beautiful clothes for the occasion.

[SHOP] Black Suits Me Best

It's time again for elegant & dark costumes! Let's be honest: red or blue and black dresses are literally dead smart. So you can glam up properly, our shop is now offering Gothic Hats and Gothic Dresses! Impress your friends with this modern costume and get a reduction of 30%. Have fun and receive many envious looks!

[EVENT] Talk Like a Pirate Day

It's time to demonstrate how you fight with your saber and your hook to everyone! C'mon pirates, it's time to have a new captain! Who's the best among you? Participate to our tournament and show your best skills. We want to know who is the most powerful fighter in a tournament of PvP battles.

[SHOP] Animalistic

Exploring the world with a gorgeous Yukata is all very well, but sometimes an adventurer prefers to adapt more to nature and let out his animal side! After all, we Florensians do love our animal costumes!

[SHOP] Let's go Pink!

Our very own energetic Romina has decided to take over the shop for the weekend! She said she has had enough of sinister clothes and armor - after all, she likes to dress up in the brightest colors you can find and wants to bring back some of the summery feeling since it has been raining for the last days! So she just went ahead and...of course...put all our pink and purple items up in the shop with a glittery reduction!

[SHOP] Ocean Boxes

Unfortunately summer won't last forever, but that's all the more reason to enjoy it while we can and spend as much time in the sun as possible! Visit our item shop and get some of our new Ocean Random Boxes - there you'll find our fabulous Elite swim suits, which have had a great stat renewal as well! You'll also get many Fish Potions which allow you to be the best on the beach! All of these items are only available in this box!

[SHOP] Ghost Festival

The Ghost Festival is the day to pay respects to the deceased by offering sacrifices. It is thought that all ghosts will come out from the hell on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, so the day is called the Ghost Day and the seventh lunar month is the Ghost Month.

[SHOP] Black Dragon

We all hope you are well-prepared for your adventures and ready to face what will come. An adventurer does need many things to face Florensia's fearsome creatures, but the most important thing...oh, of course! You will need armor! And not only that, Kitty tells us that Ultimate Armor is the way to go! Get yours in our item shop now with a grand reduction of 30%!

[SHOP] Sealed Item Sale

Are you looking for a key to open a magic lock? One of those glistening little items that release the mysterious seals from your items? Look no further! Our Sealed Items Sale features the most wonderful of these items to increase your success rate for seal dismantling! And no worries - you are granted a wonderful reduction as well!

[UPDATE] Summer AP Sale 30.07.-06.08.18

Dear Players, From the 30th of July 2018 12:00 CEST until the 06th of August 2018 12:00 CEST, you will receive an additional 25% AP on all AP purchases you started within that time! Your Florensia Team

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