[SHOP] Upgrade Madness

It seems our explorers are in dire need of some Upgrade Systems, so these are now available with a reduction of 20%! Grab a Slate Piece of Ancient to protect your items or boost your equipment with a Special Grade Upgrade Stone! Some Mithril Powder or Platinum Powder never goes amiss either! A true Florensian is always prepared for a challenge!

[EVENT] 2v2 PvP Event

Well, could you dust off some good items at the Upgrade Madness Event and improve your equipment? Then show off your shiny new weapons at our 2v2 PvP Event! Grab a partner and compete together against other teams to be victorious!

[SHOP] Be a Warrior

We all know there are times when you can relax and put up your feet, and then there are times when a citizen of Florensia simply has to grab his weapon, face his fears and be a warrior. Those monsters won't rest even if you'd like to take a quick break and enjoy a sandwich! So armor up and grab your helmets, pack a convenient Warrior Set and don't forget your trusted Spirit friend that seems to be hiding in a Scavenger's Warrior Box. It won't be too hard on your purse, after all there's a special reduction of 25% for every true warrior!

[NEWS] Florensia continued by Giiku Games GmbH

We have some great news that is very positive for Florensia.

[EVENT] Boss Run Event

Do you think you and your party have the best teamwork? Can you kill the bosses the fastest? Show us what you've got! You and your Party will face multiple bosses, one after the other, and we'll stop the time. The fastest party wins honor and upgrade powder! To join the event you just have to be on Ron at 21:00 CEST on Lux2 on the 27th of April and follow the rules below.

[SHOP] Golden Week

Golden Week, the well-known row of public holidays, is approaching! To celebrate these glistening days, our Florensian shop keepers have chosen to display their very best in the shop windows! Pick some flowers and wear a crown of blossom sprinkles, nibble on a delicious cake or set out on a new exciting adventure - stylish as ever in a sleek white, gold or violet Phoenix Cloak! Enjoy the week and have fun playing!

[PATCHLOG] 24/04/2019

Check out the patchlog for today's patch.

[RECRUITMENT] Join our Eventteam!

You're creative? You want to work in an international team? You like Florensia so much that you want to realize your own events? In that case YOU are the one we are searching for! Plan events, realize them in-game or on social media and take part in the everyday life in Florensia! Difficult riddles, challenging fights or happy endings in a beautiful story - there are (almost) no borders! Since the community is growing bigger and bigger, we also want to expand - we are hiring motivated event team members especially for Lux Plena servers!

[EVENT] Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter holidays will be here soon! And what can't we miss out on during those days? Correct! The Easter egg hunt! Of course we'll have one in Florensia as well! So keep your eyes open and pay attention to our INSTAGRAM this Sunday.

[EVENT] Easter Quiz

What is Easter? Why do some of us celebrate it? What is its meaning? Why do we paint eggs? And what's the deal with those dodos everywhere? Strange. Well, if you know the answers or want to know them, join our Easter quiz on Sunday (April 21st) and get rewarded for your knowledge! Sounds good? Meet us at 4:00 pm at the Marketplace in Roxbury on Lux2!

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