[MAINTENANCE] 27.03.2019

Dear Florensians, We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, March 27th 2019 from 7am CET to implement a Double Drop Event. Your Florensia Team

[ATTENTION PLEASE] Illegal item selling sites

We would like to warn you all about an important and recurring topic: From time to time there are several inofficial shops which offer really cheap Florensia items. There are also players who offer really cheap items directly in trade.

[SHOP] Spring has Sprung

Have you spotted one or the other flower bud peeking out of the ground already? Not long now, and we'll have blossoms all around us again, what with the days growing warmer and spring finally making an appearance. Seize the moment and grab a nice fishing rod for an exciting outing, or boost your luck during a hunt with some four-leaved clovers! And if you just want to kick back and relax to enjoy those first sunbeams, dress up in a light Kimono or sleek Hakama and take a stroll outside! You'll find a 30% reduction on these items to welcome spring time properly!

[SHOP] White Day

White Day is approaching, and that means chocolate gifts and romance all around! Spend a lovely day with your loved one on the 14th and remember: in Japan this means it's the boys' turn to give chocolates to their female friends and colleagues. To top it off, this day can't go by unnoticed in Florensia either, so of course we've updated our shop offers to give you a 20% reduction on - surprise - all our white items! Enjoy the day!

[MAINTENANCE] 12.03.2019

We will perform a maintenance today, Tuesday, March 12th 2019 from 9am CET to remove the Double EXP Event.

[EVENT] Flandria Screenshot Contest

What does your class represent? Being able to control fire? Supporting your allies? Or protecting them with your Shield? Maybe exploring the deepest dungeons faster than everyone else? Show us what makes your class special! Send us one Screenshot per base class (Mercenary, Noble, Explorer and Saint) and you might be featured on the skill planner site of our new Florensia Fansite: Flandria.info (https://www.flandria.info/planner/). You will also receive a small reward from us!

[EVENT] Guild vs. Guild Winners

All guilds had fantastic fights, but in the end, just one guild was able to take home the victory and is the winner of our Guild vs Guild Event from the 02.03.2019!

[MAINTENANCE] 06.03.2019

We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, March 6th 2019 from 7am CET to implement some bugfixes (mainly collected from your feedback about the Realm of Ruins Map). A detailed patchlog will follow.

[MAINTENANCE] 01.03.2019

We will perform a maintenance today, Friday, March 1st 2019 from 12am CET to implement a Double EXP Event.

[SHOP] Black Dragon

The sun is finally turning up from behind the clouds and you're probably all already preparing for a sunny weekend, chasing the next adventures! It could be exploring nature and enjoying the sun, or making your heroic way into a dungeon to confront some monsters on purpose! Since we know you're always equipped with fashionable as well as functional costumes on your journey, we're throwing in a Black Dragon shop udpate over the next few days to give you the opportunity to get your favourite VRMMO-armor with a reduction of 25%! Have fun and see you in-game!

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