[Patchlog] 11.07.2019

Here is the detailed patchlog of our last maintenance.

[EVENT] Summer PvP Tournament

The time has come for another PvP Tournament! However, with a small twist! How well can you play and fight with your class with a major handicap? Every class will have one skill banned, which they are not allowed to use!

[MAINTENANCE] 10.07.2019

We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, July 10th 2019 from 7am CEST to implement some bugfixes. A detailed patchlog will follow.

[EVENT] Pirate Battle

Blackbeard, William Kidd, Mary Read and Welkey. Names that sparked fear all over the seven seas. At least that was the case in the past. Are there any real pirates left nowadays? Or have they long since gone? To answer that question we're asking all the pirates and sailors out there to prove themselves!

[MAINTENANCE] 27.06.2019

We will perform a maintenance on Thursday, June 27th 2019 from 12pm CEST to remove the Double Drop Event.

[SHOP] Smart Uniforms

Be smart - on adventures, in battle, and when picking your wardrobe! Check out the newest, shiniest smart uniforms that we've boosted to have some new stats. Enjoy!

[SHOP] Dragon Priest

Murderous dark brown eyes, glistening purple scales and scorching red flames - dragons are a fearsome thing to behold! But they are also such beautiful creatures that we cannot help but have a deep respect for them! Become a dragon tamer as well by slipping into the gorgeous Dragon Priest costume in its lovely dark colors. Elegance with the air of a warrior, all wrapped into one dress! Snag a reduction of 25% in our item shop now!

[MAINTENANCE] 13.06.2019

We will perform a maintenance on Thursday, June 13th 2019 from 7am CEST to implement a Double Drop Event.

[SHOP] Summer Sale

The sun is lighting up the countryside of Florensia and you can see adventurers taking a nap outside or enjoying a summery day fishing at the dock before the summer storms hit in the evening. It's the best time to run around in brightest, summery clothes and enjoy a cool beer on the grass, don't you think? That's why the merchants are offering all their sunshine yellow items with a reduction of 25% to spread the good mood. Enjoy!

[MAINTENANCE] 05.06.2019

We will perform a maintenance on Wednesday, June 05th 2019 from 7am CEST to remove the Double EXP Event.

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