[SHOP] World Cup

The World Cup 2018 is approaching - are you excited already?? Which team are you voting for to take home the trophy? Well, us Florensians, we know a fair bit about Soccer ourselves. If you want to show that you're a great fan as well, why not wear a bright T-Star Ball in blue, black or gold above your head for everyone to see! Or support your favourite team by wishing them luck with a colourful Four-leaved Clover.

[SHOP] Conquer the Seas

We hope you enjoy this time of the dragon boat festival, which is coming up on the 18th of June, shining in bright colors of red and gold. To celebrate together, we have decided to offer a little something in our Florensia item shop so you can all dress up for the festivities! This means all red items are reduced by 10%! Be quick, because this offer only lasts until the end of this weekend, the 17th of June!

[UPDATE] Patchlog

Dear Florensians,We fixed the following issues in our maintenance today: 1: You were able to call your mount while sitting. This lead to a wrong animation and has been fixed. You cannot call your m...

[SHOP] Summer Sale

Summertime is here and we hope you are all enjoying the sunlight outside and exploring nature, even if every adventurer knows there might be an angry fungi mob waiting to crash your picnic! To match the gleaming sunshine, all our yellow items are now reduced by 15% in our summery Summer Sale!

[UPDATE] Our team is waiting for you!

Our Team is expanding and we are always on the lookout for new volunteer shipmates for our ships! Don't miss your chance to be part of our team and this great experience! Here is a list of our most wanted and open positions!

[SHOP] As blue as the Sea

This summer has granted us with sunny and rainy weather alike, but there are some more very sunny months to come! Now are question is: Have you been to the Sea yet? Or are you planning a holiday at the seaside during the warm months? Well, all of you adventurers have definitely deserved it! That's why, to get into the right mood, our shop is now offering a glittering reduction on all our blue items! That's right, all of them! Anything that shines as blue as the color of the Sea, is now on offer! Enjoy the waves and the sea breeze and keep an eye out for those evil sea monsters just in case!

[EVENT] Talk Like A Pirate Day Tournament

Dear Florensians, As we collected all subscriptions, we are ready to announce how players will fight during the Pirate Tournament! Just to remember it to everyone, as many of you asked, anything y...

[EVENT] Fabulous Fashion Friday

You always wanted to prove a point of your fashion sense? We offer you a chance! Send us one screenshot of your favorite Florensia character in his/her best dress, his/her nicest hats or the most fabulous combination of both. It's your choice! Apart from getting the title as Fashionista of Florensia you'll also earn some amazing prizes.

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