[RECRUITMENT] Participation in the Lava Frost Quest Project

As you probably know, a new map with the topic Lava Frost is planned. What is essential for a new map? Diverse quests and an exciting storyline! We would like to offer the chance to implement your ideas and design the story together with us! That's why we're searching for 4-6 creative minds who would like to accept the challenge!

[SHOP] Random Box Special

What could be better loot than a large, glittering treasure chest! Florensia's special Treasures include the PvP Box for the most skilled adventurers! Jaculus Armor Boxes hold even more magical secrets and are hard to come by! And finally, Angelic or Antique Dione Random Boxes are found in the most mystical corners of this world. Be brave, adventurers, and discover the treasures that await you! And don't forget: If you are quick you will receive a magical reduction of 20%!

[MAINTENANCE] 22.05.2019

We will perform a maintenance today, Wednesday, May 22nd 2019 from 7am CEST to implement a Double EXP Event.

[SHOP] Headgear Havoc

It's Headgear Havoc! For this week only, you will get our Florensian headgears reduced by 20%! Grab your favourite Noble Hats, techy Cyborg Scouters, glittery Ice Crowns, stern Grim Reaper and Devil Walker Hats, puffy Wind's Ears, colorful Goral Hats, fierce Pirate Hats, and even the occasional bright Gypsy Hat! Nobody will ever go out hat-less again!

[SHOP] EXP Extreme

Who doesn't know it: The monsters are getting meaner, the guild already has a really high level and you want to be ready for the approaching dangers and emerge as the most experienced warrior! With EXP Extreme you can now get discounted Ocean Boxes, EXP Potions, Dresses and Hats for Land & Sea, so you can really get started!

[SHOP] Ruthless Pirates

The treacherous Florensian waters have brought forth some extremely fearless adventurers, crossing the ocean on their ships with blood red sails, a telescope clutched in one hand, a treasure map in the other. These sea explorers should be recognizable as the ruthless pirates they are! And we're not saying we don't enjoy a fierce battle at sea, so why not give them some extra stats and see what they make of them? Grab your Ruthless Pirate Coats in brown or green with some nice new stats and set sail!

[SHOP] Upgrade Madness

It seems our explorers are in dire need of some Upgrade Systems, so these are now available with a reduction of 20%! Grab a Slate Piece of Ancient to protect your items or boost your equipment with a Special Grade Upgrade Stone! Some Mithril Powder or Platinum Powder never goes amiss either! A true Florensian is always prepared for a challenge!

[EVENT] 2v2 PvP Event

Well, could you dust off some good items at the Upgrade Madness Event and improve your equipment? Then show off your shiny new weapons at our 2v2 PvP Event! Grab a partner and compete together against other teams to be victorious!

[SHOP] Be a Warrior

We all know there are times when you can relax and put up your feet, and then there are times when a citizen of Florensia simply has to grab his weapon, face his fears and be a warrior. Those monsters won't rest even if you'd like to take a quick break and enjoy a sandwich! So armor up and grab your helmets, pack a convenient Warrior Set and don't forget your trusted Spirit friend that seems to be hiding in a Scavenger's Warrior Box. It won't be too hard on your purse, after all there's a special reduction of 25% for every true warrior!

[NEWS] Florensia continued by Giiku Games GmbH

We have some great news that is very positive for Florensia.

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