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[EVENT] PvP League

Hey, buddy!

Don't want to hunt monsters anymore! Why not try your luck against real opponents!

Off to the Flo League! Yes, you heard correctly. You can now battle others! Why hesitate?

The Flo League is an Elo-based PvP System, in which you can achieve glory as a 1vs1-pro. Simply take part in fights on Bergruen or LuxPlena every Sunday at 7pm (UTC+1). These will be carried out classic 1v1-style on Ron Islands and your enemy will be chosen randomly.  No worries, you don't need to apply. Just be in the right place at the right time!
You can grab the following prizes:
For the best 3 winners of each base class (Mercenary, Saint, Explorer, Noble) 
1. 20 Slate Pieces of Ancient 
2. 14 Slate Pieces of Ancient 
3. 7 Slate Pieces of Ancient 

In addition, there'll be something for the top 3 players of each server:

  • A unique dress, limited to 90 days, which will show off that you're part of the elite on that server

The first season will begin in February and end after the first Sundy of May!

This is the official site for the Flo League:  
You'll find all the information about the ranking and rules there.

Your Florensia Team

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