[SHOP] Wizarding Week

Dear Florensians,

Our brave explorers set out again and again to discover these mysteries in the magical world of Florensia. Today we would like to increase your powers with a little surprise: It's wizarding week! That means you'll be able to get some special items in our shop until the 19th of July!

Do you have the potential to be a mighty sorcerer? Find out now and wear a sinister Wizard Robe and Hat, strengthen your abilities with the almighty Magic Stones or let yourself be surprised by what is hidden in a Wizard's Treasure box! Our item sale has even been bewitched to give you a magic reduction of 20%!

A magic key to conquer threat,

a powerful magician set,

enchanted hats and magic oil,

to keep explorers from turmoil.

Pick up your black wizard robe,

to explore Florensia's globe,

or pull on your magician's hat,

to defeat the meanest one-eyed bat.

The bravest will use magic stones,

to explore deepest dungeons

and highest thrones.​

Your Florensia Team


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