[News] Friendly Rat Exclusive Pack

What's white, fluffy, follows you everywhere you go by sitting on your head, and loves golden coins? Exactly! The exclusive white rat headgear that is now available. With a special 100 USD/EUR AP purchase you will receive besides your 100.000 AP this new companion.

But how will you obtain this special AP package and your limited available small fellow?

Go to: https://florensia-100ratpiper.xsollasitebuilder.com to purchase the friendly rat pack. Enter your email since you will receive your corresponding code to that address. - (the email won't be used for anything else) -

After receiving your code via email, head over to Florensia-online.com/redeem to claim your code. Please note that the AP amount will take a short time after redeeming to be visible/usable on your account.

Unfortunately, not all payment options are currently available when purchasing this package, but we will add them as soon as possible for your convenience.

Thank you!

Your Florensia Team

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