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Dark magician

[EVENT] The Return of the Dark Magician

Dear Florensians,

You remember that wretched little witch? The one who wasn’t even able to master her exam by herself? It was so easy to catch her. But I need her to lure you to my little Halloween party, where you all are going to die. I mean, where you can rescue her. You think you'll be able to handle my challenge? Then come to the harbor in Roxbury at 6 pm on the 1st of November. Register in small groups of 1-6 players via ticket ( or discord (contact [DE]Cholena) and choose a group leader. So, I know which one of you is the biggest joke! If someone gathers up their courage very last-minute they can register by texting me in-game between 5.30pm and 5.45pm [UTC+1]. What are you saying? You want a reward? As if you'll survive! But okay, the group that masters my tasks the fastest shall win this brat's freedom and something totally nice to wear!

Your Florensia Team

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