[EVENT] Talk Like A Pirate Day Tournament

Dear Florensians,

As we collected all subscriptions, we are ready to announce how players will fight during the Pirate Tournament!

Just to remember it to everyone, as many of you asked, anything you can find in game and in itemshop is allowed, aside Potions restoring your HP/MP and Spirit Pets. Fact that other players watching duels can't use skills, means PvPers can't get other players buffs, they are supposed to only use theirs.

Players participating the battle can't trade from when the tournament starts. If we find out you traded an item after tournament started, you will be disqualified.

Unfortunately, we have a very few number of subscriptions for low level players, so only Master Tournament will be realized: this means all low level players which subscribed will not be included (one player per server). In case of many absent people, event could be cancelled anyway.

Meet us on Kendal at 8 pm CEST on 19 September (LUX) and at 7 pm CEST on 21 September (BER)!

Your Florensia Team

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