[EVENT] Summer Fight Club Reminder

Dear Florensians,
We are excited to announce further news regarding "Summer Fight Club"!
The date is decided and will be taking place fully Saturday 6th July, 7pm CET!
Review of the rules: 
- All parties will consist of 3 players. These 3 characters will ideally be different classes. However a max of 2 same base classes will be accepted.
- Good (2x Shaman + 1x Sniper), (1x Priest + 1x Shaman + 1x Magic Knight) 
- Not Good (2x Gladiator + 1x Guardian Swordman)
- Only one character may participate per player (not per account)
- Only buffs from party members are allowed
- No potions
- Attendance buff cannot be active
- No pets
- Dead members may only be revived by saints in the party
- Battle ring is a field on Eva
- If you log out/crash/join tower during your match, the match will be suspended and your party will lose unless the opponent allows for a rematch
- Event team member will give a "Match Start". Attacking before this will give you one warning, if done again, your party loses
- Equipment cannot be swapped during battle
- A battle lasting more than 5 minutes will end with a tie
And now for the part you have all been waiting for! PRIZES!:
1st place team! - 40,000 AP and 30D Epic Poor Pirate Coat
2nd place team! - 20,000 AP and 30D Epic Devil Walker Hat
3rd place team! - 10,000 AP and 30D Mars Shooter's/Wizard's/Warrior's Necklace (you may choose only one type of necklace to recieve)
Participation! (including top 3 teams) - 2 Platins
Participation prizes will be handed out at the event host's discretion for participation efforts
How to participate: 
One member of your party should designate themselves the leader. This player should then send a DM on Discord to Demon (@demoncurse) with the names of all party members participating! 
THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS HAS BEEN EXTENDED! You now have until the 30th June to say you'd like to participate!
- If no party members show up, the opposing party wins
- If a single member of the party doesn't show up, the others can decide to fight in a team of 2
- If a party member drops out due to unforseen circumstances you may find a replacement and notify Demon up until the 4th of July
Best of luck and we can't wait to see you all show off your skills!
Your Florensia Team

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