[EVENT] Summer Fight Club

Dear Florensians,

We are happy to announce our Event Team is arranging a Party PvP Event for this Summer!

The Event will take place over the beginning of July for multiple days. This will be during evenings CET (we will agree the date of single matches with participants).
All parties are supposed to consist of 3 characters. These 3 characters will ideally be different classes (we accept a max of 2 same base classes: eg 2x Shaman + 1x Sniper is good, 1x Priest + 1x Shaman + 1x Magic Knight is good, 2x Gladiator + 1x Guardian Swordman isn't)
An account can only be subscribed for the tournament with 1 character it possesses.

According to the number of participating parties, we will decide whether to organize 1 or 2 leagues, basing our choice on participants power for the best matchups.

We are asking you to sign up for this event now! You have until the 20th June 2024 to send your registration to events@florensia-online.com to enrol your party! Only the party leader need send, make sure to include the names of all your party members!

Other rules for this event:
Players involved in a party battle can only have buffs from party members
Potions can't be used up
You can't have attendance activated during the battle
Pets can't participate
Dead party members can only be revived by Saints in same party
If there's no saint in the party, the dead party member is out of battle
Battle ring is a field on Eva
If you log out/crash/join tower during a match, the match is suspended and your party loses (unless opponent party allows a re-match)
A member of Event Team will give you match start. If you attack before the start, you get warned once. If you do it again, your party loses
You can't swap your equipment to items you have in your inventory during battle
A battle lasting for more than 5 minutes ends with a draw

Tournament is structured by 2 Preliminaries battles with 1 match (different opponents), in which winners get 3 points, losers get 0 points, drawing gives 1 point per party.
Preliminary matches are randomly assigned by extraction.

At the end of Preliminaries, all points gained by parties are added up and the best 8 parties (or 16 parties, if we have more than 30 subscribers in total) pass to Quarter finals.

Quarter finals and Semi finals are structured with 1 direct battle with 3 matches using same parties. Who wins, pass to next stage.

Final is structured by 1 direct battle with 5 matches.

If no party members show up, the opposing party wins.
If a single member of the party doesn't show up, others can fight in 2.

Best of luck!
Your Florensia Team

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