[EVENT] Spring Selfie Contest

Dear Florensians,

March 21st is First Spring Day, a day to celebrate your favorite season and the end of Winter!
Why don’t we celebrate it together?

We think a nice way to give a hearty welcome to Spring together is with a new Selfie-Screenshot Contest!

Who can take the best selfie? Are you curious too?
Send us one selfie of your favorite Florensia character with a Spring theme and you will have the chance to win a great prize:

1) 1st place: 6 Slate Piece of Ancient

2) 2nd place: 4 Slate Piece of Ancient

3) 3rd place: 2 Slate Piece of Ancient

Any submission that follows the contest guidelines and includes a screenshot will be qualified for participation and will receive 2x Sea EXP Increase Potion E-1!

- Selfie is supposed to be an in-game screenshot of your character.
- Every account can participate only once.
- If you decide to have your screenshot with a friend, prize will be only given to one of you, but you can share it.
- The deadline for submissions is the 27th of March 2024.
- We do not accept modified or cut screenshots, only those original have the chance to participate.

Tip: To take a nice screenshot, press "print" when you're in full screen mode and then look for it into your Florensia Screenshot folder. If you want to hide the interface of Florensia, just use the key "End" on your keyboard.

We are really looking forward to see what you're going to come up with! Send us your screenshots to events@florensia-online.com. Don't forget to mention your account ID.

How to judge who win? Easy! You will vote! All pictures will be posted on our Florensia INSTAGRAM page on Saturday 30 March 2024 and you and your friends will have the chance to like them!
Likes will be counted on Sunday 7 April and winners will be announced on Monday 8 April.

Have fun and good luck!

Your Florensia Team

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