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[EVENT] Remembrance Day

Dear Florensians,

in memory of our omnipresent peace we celebrate the Remembrance Day every year. 
This year we want to test your and your mates power. The idea of the event is originally made up by player Shadow who took part in the Event-Design your Event. 
Load up your canon, collect magical power, sharpen your knifes and forge great armor - this fight will be tough of course! 

You and your party will have to kill specific monsters in a row as fast as possible. The party that needs less time than the other parties wins. 
To make it more fair we split the event into different ranges so everybody gets the possibility to attend: 

Group A - Lv1-29 
Group B - Lv1-59 
Group C - Lv1-89 
Group D - Lv1-105

Spawned boss monster will be within the levelrange. It means the monsters can be Lv5 but they can also be Lv29 for the first Group, as an example. 

Date, time and location: 
The event will take place on Remembrance Day, 7th December 2018, 19 CET, Server Bergruen NoPvP/Luxplena NoPvP. 

How to take part in:
If you want to participate, please, send in a mail to within 1st 2018, 23:59 CET and tell us following details:

- On which server you want to attend? (Bergruen/LuxPlena)
- Names and levels of all attending players of your party 
- Which group you would like to join? (A - D)

Rules for the event: 
· The fighting group is not allowed to cross the blue lines on the map. 
· Spectators have to sit outside of the zone. 
· Players are not allowed to respawn once they’re dead. 
· However, a saint is allowed to revive them. 
· While fighting, players are allowed to change they equipment like dresses. 
· Fighting Pets are not allowed. 
· CashShop Buffitems (like +%Dmg stones, 75% HP Pots) are not allowed. 
· However, pots make from the alchemist profession are allowed. 
· Fusions are allowed. 
· Buffs are only allowed from your party members (Buff from the lord is also not allowed). 
· After a player lost connection, he is allowed to continue fighting. 

If a player breaks one of the rules, he and his group is fully disqualified. 

How to judge someone has won: 
· If there are groups that were able to defeat all bosses, the group with the lowest needed time wins. 
· If more than one group run out of time at the same boss, the winner is determined by the left HP amount of the boss. 

Your Florensia Team

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