[EVENT] Guild vs. Guild

Dear Florensians,
Guilds. One of the essential parts of every MMO. Players get together to accomplish more than they would ever be able to alone. But not only do they help each other with bosses or leveling, they also fight with other guilds in the war zones. Especially in Florensia, strong guilds stand out by keeping the upper hand in these fights. Be it on the Lava Plateau, in the Droes Dungeon or the Realm of Ruins. But which guild is truly the strongest? Are you confident enough to say that your guild is the best of all? Show us in our Guild vs Guild Tournament! Correct, you finally have the chance to prove to everyone that your guild is to be reckoned with. Register your guild via the ticket system (events@florensia-online.com).
  • The minimum number of players within your guild is 3.
  • If two guilds, guild A with 10 members, guild B with 8 members, have to fight, guild A has to adapt to the number of guild B. This means that guild A has to choose 8 members for the fight.
  • Depending on the number of guilds that want to participate, there will be a best of 3 and/or a loser-bracket.
  • Only the players that have at least fought once will get a prize.
  • You are allowed to have a maximum of 4 fusions per piece.
  • Consumables such as HP-/MP Pots, Damage Stones etc. are not allowed.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • The fighting group is only allowed to get buffs from the members that are fighting as well.
  • Changing or trading your equipment is not allowed.
  • If a player dies, he has to stay dead until the fight is over or he/she gets revived by a teammate, then he/she is allowed to continue fighting.
  • There will be two level ranges: 1-79 and 80+. To fight in the 1-79 group, all members of the guild have to be below level 80. For 80+, every level is allowed.

The tournament will be held on the 02.03.2018 at 20:30 CET on Clouds on server English 1. You can register your guild until the 1st of March 2019. Good luck in the tournament!

Your Florensia Team
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