[EVENT] Guild Birthday first periode

Once again a happy new year everyone!
And as everyone is aware, a new year also means another birthday! - After all, things don't get any younger!
As we stated in the last guild birthday news, we will be setting a new registration period.
So if you are interested in registering your guild for a guild spawn in the first half of the year, all you have to do is contact a member of the event team via Discord!
The registration period will be from 10.01. - 24.01.
Again as a small information: The fact that you announce yourselves to us, does not mean that you must have your Spawn in the before mentioned period. You are only registering for the first half of the year. The exact time can also be determined in a later month.
As with the last party spawns, the following rules apply:

- Each guild may only celebrate its birthday once a year
- The duration of the spawn event is 30min
- The event will be led by the present Eventi - that means, not all wishes will be fulfilled
- At least 5 people from the guild must participate in the event
- The guild must be at least one year old!
- If a guild misses its scheduled date, without early cancellation, that guild will not have a chance to re-register for that year (please sign out early if the date does not fit anymore)
- In case of a negative behavior of the guild on their spawn, we are forced to cancel the spawn and disqualify the guild for further spawns.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

- Your Event Team

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