[EVENT] Fabulous Fashion Friday

Dear Florensians,

you always wanted to prove a point of your fashion sense? We offer you a chance! Send us one screenshot of your favorite Florensia character in his/her best dress, his/her nicest hats or the most fabulous combination of both. It's your choice! Apart from getting the title as Fashionista of Florensia you'll also earn some amazing prizes:

1) 1st place 15.000 AP
2) 2nd place 10.000 AP
3) 3rd place 5.000 AP
4) 4th to 10th place 3x Land EXP Increase Potion E-1!

If you decide to send us a screenshot, make sure you're the only one in that picture - there's only one Fashionista!
We are really looking forward to what you're going to come up with! Send us your screenshots to events@florensia-online.
com. Your e-mail size shouldn't be more than 16MB. The deadline for submissions is the 23rd of November 2018.

Tip: To take a nice screenshot, press "print" when you're in full screen mode and then look for it in your Florensia Screenshot folder. If you want to hide the interface of Florensia, just use the key "End" on your keyboard. We do not accept modified screenshots, only original ones have the chance to participate.

Not only the Devil wears Prada - our team does too! Judges consist of members of the Florensia Event Team! Easy! All winners will be posted for you to see on our official Instagram page!

Have fun and good luck!

Your Florensia Team

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