[EVENT] Draw your Character

Dear Florensians,

It's time for you to show your artistic skills! We are sure you had a lot of time to decorate and beautify your character. Now is the time to illustrate them with your own two hands!

Here is the 'Draw your Character Contest!'
Show off your best drawing ability and win incredible Prizes!

Would you like to participate? Just send us an e-mail at events@florensia-online.com with the following details:

Your account ID
Your character nickname
A screenshot of your character (it will be published on our Florensia social!)
Your selfmade drawing

All drawings must be related to your Florensia Character, if you'd like to make your piece digitally, please send us screenshots of the process to prove that it is you who is drawing it.

Please, make sure your own drawing, or its scan, is in a square format so that we can publish it on Instagram. Your screenshot will also be cut into a square format by us.

Who wins? All drawings will be published on Instagram and the piece that generates the most likes within the first 24 hours from the publication date/time will win.

1) 1st Place: 20k AP
2) 2nd Place: 15k AP
3) 3rd Place: 10k AP
All Participants: 2x Mithril Powder

Every account may only submit one drawing.

We hope you enjoy the event!

Your Florensia Team

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