[Event] Boss Hunt 2.0

Dear Florensians,

Do you think you and your party have the best teamwork? Can you kill the bosses the fastest? Show us what you've got! You and your Party will face multiple bosses, one after the other, and we'll stop the time. The fastest party wins honor a Slate Piece of Ancient! To join the event you just have to be on Ron at 18:00 CEST on Lux2 on the 24th of November and follow the rules below. The Event starts at 19.00 CET.


· For different level ranges there will be different boss monsters. You will be grouped into 60-90 and 90+. The level of the highest team member is decisive.

· You are not allowed to respawn until the fight is over

· A Saint is allowed to revive party members

· You are allowed to change the equipment during the fight

· Pets are not allowed during the fight

· Cash Shop Items (like +%Damage-Stone, 75 % HP Pots) are not allowed

· Alchemist-Pots are allowed · Fusions are not allowed

· Only buffs from party members are allowed (no Pet Buffs)

· If a member gets disconnected he can rejoin the fight

· The skill "Touch of Death" of the shaman class is not allowed

· After a max. 10 min we will stop the fight and the HP bar of the boss will decide.

Your Event Team

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