[EVENT] All you need is love

Dear Florensians,

The beatles already sang „All you need is love“ in 1967. The same applies for 2020, where nothing is more important than the love between two humans - or in our case, the love between two characters. We want to invite you to our „All you need is love and Florensia“ contest! You got to know your partner in-game and your love knows no limits?
Then prove it to us! In order to take part, take a screenshot with your partner (allowed to be edited) in which we can feel your love and send us the screenshot via Discord: Antique#0982 for Luxplena or to Cholena#2706 for Bergruen.
You can win a marriage certificate box! And so that your love doesn't merely exist on paper, you can also win an exclusive wedding ceremony by the event team. Please note that the characters need to be from two different players. Participation with your main and twin account is forbidden! The deadline for submission is 31.01.2020. We're looking forward to your entries!
Your Florensia Team
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