[EVENT] A Weird Banguli

Dear Florensians,

We are excited to announce an upcoming in-game Event called "A Weird Banguli?", scheduled on Saturday 15th June at 9 pm CET, taking place in the HIDDEN PORT.

The main goal is to escort your own Banguli to the end line of a road.
It will be a small tournament, there will be 2 Teams per round, formed by 3 players + 1 Banguli each, both teams have to do everything possible to slow enemy's Banguli and protect their own. Banguli will keep moving forward aiming to reach the end line, doesn't matter what happens around, it'll keep running.

1) Banguli will keep moving, doesn't matter what happens around it, however, it can, and should, be attacked / stunned / pulled back by enemy team and will be able to die.
However, there will be checkpoints during the path and in case of Banguli's death, it'll quickly reappear to the furthest checkpoint reached. In case of no checkpoint reached yet, it'll reappear to the starting line instead.
There will be:
- Starting Line (D4);
- First Checkpoint (D3);
- Second Checkpoint (C2);
- End Line (B1).

2) Players will be allowed to attack Banguli/the enemy team and to respawn in case of death, saints will be allowed to revive allies but not Banguli.

1b) Pets won't be allowed;
2b) Both teams, including Banguli, will only be allowed to travel on the road, not the grass part;
3b) Players who are not currently participating at the round will stand on the grass part to spectate;
4b) Banguli won't have any kind of buff, including Balance UP;
5b) Banguli won't be allowed to be healed by players;
6b) Banguli won't be part of your party;
7b) Blood Thirst skill (Gladiator's one) usage will be only allowed against enemy's Banguli and NOT on ally one.

The 3 members of the winner team will have 1 Cat Costume each

To subscribe, send a DM to Lelouch on discord (leelouch._), with your party member nicknames! (Remember there's a maximum of 3 players per team)

In case of any doubt regarding this event, feel free to ask clarifications on Discord!

Your Florensia Team

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