[EVENT] Guildbirthdays

Some of you may remember that on the ocassion of Florensia's fifth birthday we offered all guilds to celebrate their birthday with a private guild spawn.
However, it seems that this has been forgotten, so we would like to remind you of this now. But there will be some changes regarding the guild spawns.

Feedback regarding some issues
Over the time, we have received a lot of feedback regarding problems. From this feedback we could conclude that many guilds had the problem of not knowing when their guilds birthday is.
Also the fact that you had to register for a spawn via Ticket System was a disturbing factor for many people.
One of the last problems we mentioned was that the message would get lost in between the other messages and would quickly be forgotten. Therefore we would like to inform you about our changes to the guild spawns.

Rule changes due to the problems
The registration for the guild spawn will no longer be done via the ticket system, but is now possible via Discord. Only one of your guild has to contact a member of the [Flo] Eventteam.
In addition to the registration, the exact time of the spawn event is now also regulated via Discord.
Furthermore it is no longer necessary that you get your spawn exactly or very close to your current birthday.
Every guild is allowed to celebrate its birthday during the year without having to stick to an exact founding date.
The last point of the change, is dedicated to the registration. There will now be a six-monthly registration period (i.e. January/July).
The exact registration period in one of the two months will be announced with the corresponding news at that time.
During the registration period you only have to tell a member of the [Flo] Eventteam about your interest in a guild spawn, so that they can note your interest.
You don't have to look for an exact date in this registration period. The exact dates for the individual events will be made in the course of the half year.

Apart from this rule change, the following rules will come into effect at the spawn event itself:
- Each guild may only celebrate its birthday once a year
- The duration of the Spawn Event is 30min
- The event will be led by the present Eventi - that means, not all wishes will be fulfilled
- At least 5 people from the guild must participate in the event
- The guild must be at least one year old!
- If a guild misses its scheduled date, without early cancellation, that guild will not have a chance to re-register for that year

If you are interested in registering for a private guild spawn before the end of this year, please contact us from 15.11. - 30.11. on Discord.
From the new year on, the registration period will be, as mentioned before, once in January and once in July!

- Your Event Team

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