[EVENT] Random Partner PvP

Dear Florensians,

there will be another Event for you PvP Players!
It will be a 2 vs 2 PvP again. But with a twist: We will randomly mix the Teams.
Every 2-Player Team will be made of two different Base Classes. So no Saints + Saint or Noble + Noble in one Party.
(Exception, if there are not enough classes to mix every party)
If you want to join the Event meet us Saturday (05.09.) at 8 pm (UTC+2) in Roxbury next to the Lord on Lux2.
[A small note: We are aiming for 8pm (UTC+2), but will first hold the event on Ber.
If the time is delayed due to a large number of participants, we apologize.
Should the time be delayed, we will of course announce this in the discord #flo-en.]
Everyone who likes to join, need to contact a [Flo] Event Team Member from 19:30-20:00 on Discord and give him following information:
Level and class of the character you want to join with.
Small Note: There will be a little Goodie for the first 30 registrations.

The winners will get one Magic Jewelry Key per player!

We will have the following Level Groups:

Here are the rules for the Event:
- The Skill "Lure of Incubus" is not allowed
- If a Team wins because the skill "Touch of Death" bugged and is active for too long, we will repeat the match
- No Pets allowed (and no Pet Buffs)
- Only Buffs from Party Member that are in the 2-Player Team
- Lord Buff is not allowed
- No consumable Items allowed
- MKs are not allowed to use Temps

Your Event-Team

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