[EVENT] Guild vs. Guild

Dear Florensians,

Grab your guild and prepare for the upcoming guild vs guild Event.
On 08.05. at 18 o'clock (UTC+2) on Bergruen1 as well as on 09.5. at 21 o'clock (UTC+2) on Global2 we will gather on Selina to hold the event with you, which is based on the idea of HOW.
Of course, great prizes are waiting for you!

1st Place: One Easter Bunny
2nd Place: One hat out of the easter box
3rd Place: One easter box

- to make it fair, both guilds will be fighting with the same amount of players (max. 6). If one of the teams has more players than the other, they will have to place the excess player on break.
- each guild has 10 towers (Devil Bead of Zildre). The goal is to destroy the opponents towers before they destroy yours.
- once all 10 towers have been destroyed the "Nexus" appears, which will be King Dodo
- the party which defeats all 10 towers and King Dodo from the opponent wins

Please show up on Selina 30 minutes before the event starts and contact an Event Team member to register your guild for the event.
Keep in mind after the sign up phase we will need a short moment to plan the battles.
We kindly ask for your patience until we are done and the battle can begin!

Your Event Team

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