[SHOP] Pet Sale

You ready for the essence system? You sure? I mean...you might want a companion to back you up in the battles to come, just in case. No worries, there are many to choose from that have all kinds of skill and specialties. Get a looting, combat or riding pet, it all depends on your style!

[SHOP] Beetastic!

It may not seem like it when you look out the window, but summer has officially begun! And in the woods of Florensia, we've discovered a truly unique sight......It looks like the amazing support you showed for the bees recently has made them mutate into a new form -- in orange and red!!! Bzzz!

[SHOP] Angels & Devils

There are many decisions to be made on the adventures through Florensia. Should you take the safe or the dangerous route? Will you risk fighting a horde of monsters to achieve your goal? Will you stand behind your team mates no matter what? Is it an angel or a devil on your shoulder? You choose!

[SHOP] Headgear Havoc

It's Headgear Havoc! Get your Florensian headgears reduced by 15% now! Grab your favourite Noble Hats, techy Cyborg Scouters, glittery Ice Crowns, stern Grim Reaper and Devil Walker Hats, puffy Wind's Ears, colorful Goral Hats, fierce Pirate Hats, and even the occasional bright Gypsy Hat! Nobody need ever go out hat-less again!

[SHOP] Wonderful Weapons

You think a fat tuna can't make an absolutely effective weapon? You thought wrong! You didn't know sweets could make an absolutely glorious accessory in battle? Try hitting your opponent over the head with a candy sword some time!

[SHOP] Taste of Adventure

Yummy, that scent of fresh broth and steaming noodles! Just the right thing before setting out to uphold the peace in Florensia out in the wilderness. Better grab a spoon before one of your companions snags your meal! We can already see those playful kitty's eyes glinting at the sight of it.

[SHOP] Fisher's Sale

Planning to kick back and relax this weekend? Maybe sitting near a lake or sailing across the sea, all laid-back on your boat in the lovely sun? We hate to break it to you, but the fish you're planning to catch, and those pirates who wreak havoc off shore might have other plans.

[SHOP] Phoenix from the Ashes

The phoenix is a mystic bird, which burns at the end of a life cycle, just to raise from its ashes afterwards. The word comes from the old-Egyptian language and means 'The reincarnated'. This dress also gives you this elegant touch! Choose between pure white, royal violet and glistening gold.

[SHOP] EXP Extreme

Who doesn't know it: The monsters are getting meaner and you want to be ready for the approaching dangers and emerge as the most experienced warrior! With EXP Extreme you can now get discounted Ocean Boxes, EXP Potions, Dresses and Hats for Land & Sea, so you can really get started!

[SHOP] Pardioc's Armor

Maybe you have such mad fighting skills that you're perfectly confident striding into battle without any armor to protect you. But maybe you also remember how much it hurt that one time a dodo sneaked up on you in the woods and bit you in the ankle...and might reconsider getting a nice Pardioc's Armor set just in case.

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