[Recruitment] Community Support

The Community Support consists of two different sub-teams that we would like to introduce to you: 

Ticket Agents in Florensia work in the ticket system to provide customer service to the game's players. Responsibilities include a full range of customer service functions. They assist with solutions to technical problems, answer questions about the game and its rules and are the first contact person for the player in general via mail. They work on ban and mute requests and take care of a solid flow of ticket answers.

In addition to that, we have the Game Masters who are responsible for the moderation of the chat in-game. They do their best to enforce the Code of Conduct in a polite and friendly manner, help players (especially newbies) and take care of the atmosphere in the game. They have the ability to hold spawn events, chat with players and care for the chat climate in general.

We are hiring

Game Masters

on a volunteering basis

for the Language Departments

English | German | French | Italian | Turkish | Spanish | Portuguese




Ticket Agents

on a volunteering basis

for the Language Departments

English | German | Italian | Turkish | Spanish




  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Good level of English skills for team communication.
  • Being communicative, polite, patient, willing to learn, reliable and responsible.
  • Time frame of at least 4-5 hours a week (Mon – Friday) – Weekends are voluntary.
  • Secrecy about interns, player information and your identity.
  • Basic experience in the world of Florensia.
  • Experience in customer service (optional).

What we can offer:

  • A big team of nerds, anime-lovers and Florensia veterans and the possibility to exchange experiences with other team members / being part of a big family of friends where you can be yourself
  • Monthly meetings where we can solve certain problems and also work on your personal feedback regarding Florensia. 
  • An important position in game publishing with direct contact to the community.
  • A chance to improve the overall game experience for players.
  • Impressions and experiences in customer service for an online game.
  • Not a payment but here and there some special items to thank you for your work.


If you get chosen for a position in our team, there will be a trial ship of about 4-6 weeks where you learn everything for your new profession, the Do's and Dont's and how to use our internal tools in order to make the experience for every gamer an experience! It's only possible to join one team at once. Later with corresponding suitability and probation you will also have the possibility to be part of both teams. 

Please remember that the identity of every member of our team is kept a secret. If you decide to apply, please do not tell anyone about your application. To submit an application, please write an email to: application[at]florensia-online.com

Don't forget to specify in the title of the mail which team you would like to apply to.


Florensia Team

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