[SHOP] Upgrade Madness

Dear Florensians,

We spotted an old man in a dusty cape in one of the Florensian taverns just now. You might say it's a bit early to visit the local tavern, but he seemed to think he would meet some passing travelers there and could pass along some wisdom. He claims that he was once an adventurer himself and knows all the tricks. Granted, he did put everything into song, but as an adventurer you should be grateful for every helpful hints you get, right? Now this is what he was saying:

Listen adventurer, and listen good,
when elders give you advice, then listen you should.
If the monsters are loud then you'll be louder,
After all, they don't have that Mithril Powder.

Look for those special Upgrade Stones,
to conquer even highest thrones,
and carry a pouch of Golden Sand,
to grant success to all the land.

If that shouldn't work go for Diamond Dust,
that's the one thing you can always trust.
You don't know what you'll have to face?
Then take your chance with a Slate Piece of Space.

Whenever you're fighting mayhem and chaos,
and most afraid of item loss,
go get yourself that Slate Piece of Time,
I'm telling you you'll be just fine.

We're pretty sure he was hinting at something here. Head to the item shop to find out.

Your Florensia Team


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