[PATCHLOG] 01.07.2020

With this patch, we fixed some smaller bugs that were added while implementing the Essence System. We also changed and tweaked some values of certain Essences.



 Most importantly, we increased the dropchance for Elite Monsters, Realm of Ruins Monster as well as all kinds of bosses.

 Bazooka and Green Bazooka Essence had an attribute called „stun“ which when equipped, should have increased the damage of stuns, however, it caused the player that had the essence equipped on some specific weapons to be unable to move. Even though it is funny that it literally stuns you, it obviously did not work as intended and we decided to add some new attributes to the essences:


**Bazooka Essence**

Constitution +2

Melee min. attack +15

Melee max. attack +20


**Green Bazooka Essence**

Constitution +3

Melee Min +25

Melee Max + 30


We also heard your feedback regarding the high avoidance rate on some essences. We therefore decided to lower some of them a little bit.


**Serbetus Essence**

Avoidance Rate: 20 -> 15


**Purple Serbetus Essence**

Avoidance Rate: 30 -> 25


**Blue Blue Gangster Essence**

Avoidance Rate: 20 -> 15


**Warloss Essence**

Avoidance Rate: 10 -> 8

 Aquarrior Essence and Lake Ghost Essence both had the same attributes. We therefore changed the attributes on the Aquarrior Essence:

 **Aquarrior Essence**

Intelligence +4

Luck +2

Melee Hitting +10



  • Selected language will now work again as intended.
  • The Korean pet skill that was added to some players quickslot has been removed (It is still there as an icon, but it does not work anymore).
  • Goldbug Essence now gives the correct values.
  • NPC names are correct again on Realm map
  • The shop on Realm map is working again
  • The quest index is showing again +100 quests
  • Humbert random crashing issue and invisible debuff skills was fixed (please restart the client if you still have an issue, so the client can receive the latest patch and for steam please close the game and steam and restart steam for receiving the patch)


**[Known Bugs]**

  • In Italian and Portugese language the party leader can crash while moving into tower.

This issue is already in bugfixing process.

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