[New Service] Character Migration to another account

Dear Florensians,

some time has passed since we have merged the servers and channels into one server with three channels. The feedback was incredibly good and we are happy that we were able to finally fulfil one of the community's biggest wishes.

With that being said we finally also completed the creation of a tool which allows us to transfer characters from one account to another without the loss of any data!

As there were a minor amount of people who had more than 5 characters on both servers, we will offer a one-time free of charge service to those affected.

Seeing as we now have the capability to transfer characters between accounts, we decided to also offer this service to users who want to switch their characters to another account even if they have less than 5 characters on their account.

As this is a special service, every switch of the character to another account will cost you 15.000 AP. For this purpose we created an item named Service Coin/Service Token in the Cash Mall with the price of 2.500 AP:

Link to the Service Coin

If you like to switch your character to another account, then...

  1. Send a ticket from the mail that is registered to the current account to support@florensia-online.com, describing what character on what account should be switched to which new account.

  2. Buy 6 Service Coins (link above) on that specific account.

  3. Wait and enjoy!


Florensia Team

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