[EVENT] Florensia Birthday Event

We have successfully left 2020 behind us. At this point we would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your active participation in our events and your feedback. We have some big plans this year and start with the birthday event that accompanies Florensia every year. On 23.01.2015 Florensia opened its doors for curious and adventurous people. This day, we want to celebrate together with you! Therefore we have three events for you. Baking a Florensia birthday cake, self-created videos and a specially created drawing on the theme of Florensia.

The great baking:
The Florensia team is looking for the most beautiful and delicious cakes that our adventurers can bake. Create a unique cake or pie. Our event team has many sweet tooths who will analyze your recipes and pictures. In order for us to know how you baked your cake, we ask you to include a recipe of the cake (if you don't want to share it, please contact us via Discord).
Happy baking, we are looking forward to your creations!

Your adventures in Florensia:
It has been 6 years since Florensia opened its doors again. We have experienced a lot together. Moments of love, of excitement, of adventures and also of fights. Grab your friends and record a video. The theme is "A day with my friends, in Florensia". Videos that consist of screenshots or contain screenshots are just as welcome, but the video cannot consist of just one screenshot. Also, a video without images, that is, consisting only of images and sound, will not be accepted.
The video should last at least one minute and at most five minutes (slight deviations are of course allowed). When submitting, feel free to use a YouTube link (if you don't want your video to be seen, please set it to private and then send us the link).

The big drawing:
As you know, we love drawings as much as you do. That's why we are looking forward to your drawings. The drawings should have Florensia and birthday specific content (e.g. a wurn or a dodo with a party hat) and are welcome both on paper and digitally.

Submissions / Rules:
- Please send the pictures or videos to [DE] Namica or [DE] Ferrox via Discord or via Insta / Facebook as DM to the responsible person there.
- Please add your account name
- Please note that we can only accept submissions that fulfill these requirements
- Note that 50% of the content you send in (if it contains Florensia content) belongs to you. The other 50% belongs to Giiku-Games and AHA. We may post your submissions on Instagram, Discord, Facebook, or our website. By participating in the events, you explicitly agree to this. (If we want to use your creations for other press and/or public legal things, we will of course consult with you).
- We reserve the right not to evaluate content if we determine that little or no work has been put into the submission.
- Music that is under copyright is prohibited. Content that contains such music will not be accepted
- Music that is included in Florensia is allowed. You can find it in the Florensia folder under Data and then on Sound.
- Music that you have created yourself, you can of course use.
- Everyone is welcome to participate once in each event to increase the chance of winning. However, a person can only win once in all events. (For example, if player 1 likes to bake and draw, he can submit both a cake and a drawing. Both looked wonderful, but he only won first place in baking).
- Stolen, discriminatory, racist, sexual or fake entries, will not be accepted.

Please send us pictures of your baking creations, the videos, your drawings, your FanArts or all together, by Monday, 14/02/2021 at 00:00 CET (UTC +1).
(Please note that for organizational reasons we cannot accept any submissions after the deadline).

Of course, you can expect great prizes! These prizes will be given out for every single event, but they are server-spanning.
1st place: 30.000 AP
2nd place: 15.000 AP
3rd place: 10.000 AP
4th and 5th place: 5.000 AP
6th place - 50th place: Surprise package (EXP Pots and other useful items)
We wish you a lot of fun and success in designing your creations and are looking forward to your submissions. If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding this event, please feel free to contact any member of the event team via Discord! - Concluding; Happy Birthday!!!

- Your Event Team

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