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[UPDATE] A Scavenger's Tale - Part II

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by Emily [GIF], Aug 4, 2017.

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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Dear Florensians,

    As you know, a wise bard recently uncovered an ancient tale on his journey through Florensia. He spoke of a dark evil, a terrible magic that no one had dared wield until now. If you believe his words, a young magician made a pact with a demon to gain unimaginable power. It is said that his heart is filled with hate and his only goal is to destroy Florensia once and for all. Furthermore, he will not stop until the deed is done. How could Florensia stand against such evil?

    After hearing this chilling tale, the adventurers searched for the bard to ask for more information. They were desperate for anything that might help them fight against the magician and his terrible army that they had been told about.

    They finally found him in a nearby tavern. The bard listened to their requests and, leaning heavily on his wooden staff, he answered slowly:

    "It is said, that for every spell cast nature seeks a balance. To cast a spell so dark and terrible that it could destroy all of Florensia, the magician will have no choice but to create certain anchor points. These will draw the magic focus and connect to cause pure destruction. Everyone who has learned the magical arts knows this. For the release of such a large amount of dark energy, nature will also create light in the darkness, and so bring balance to the world. I cannot tell you for sure what will happen. When it comes to magic, nothing is ever certain. But I am positive the light will give you a way to defeat evil. An adventurer brave enough to stand against such evil will find a way to fight. Of course, he will have to enter the magician's realm and no one knows where that may be...so I cannot deny I am worried. But the only chance we have is you."

    Your Florensia Team

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