The game is dead: QUIT.

Discussion in 'Flotalk' started by KingArdit, Feb 2, 2019.

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  1. KingArdit

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    Feb 2, 2019
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    I'm very sad to say that but this game is dead. I was one of many ppl returned in game cuz of "nostalgia". I tryed this game 8 year ago and i quit it when i was lvl88. This was a great idea game, with very big potential, but it always was very bad managed and it WAS never updated: we are in 2019 and the idea of this game is alway like 8year ago = only farm and shop.
    Im very sad, i love this game and i have a lot of nostalgia, but this game is dead.It can never work cuz of:
    This game is old, the brains who stay under this game are old-thinking, this game is not following the idea or players and what they ask. All other game are going to a same direction, updating for the 2019 we are, instead florensia remained old.
    -All other online game are focusing on end-game: they have a "fast" lvl up system so ppl can enjoy a super end-game gameplay.
    -Florensia is a farm game, based only on farm lvl up, of course, florensia has not an end-game: farm farm farm farm.We are not in 1800, we are in 2019.
    2-New Player
    This game have not new players, noone will play this game, noone will enjoy this game, so if you start to play you will be alone all the time "there are only lvl1 players or lvl 100players", and the lvl100 player are not quit only cuz they have spend a lot of money.
    New players are not join this game cuz nowaday ALL other online game are better then florensia, and more competitive in all: in graphics, in gameplay, in end-game. So why ppl have to join this game?
    this game is so SLOW, omg characters are so ****** slow in movement, they need a +20% movement speed as basic stat.
    -party: all other game promote party play, to enjoy game togheter, to play togheter, to make friends and in this way to return in game cuz of game and cuz of friends. Florensia promote "solo play" cuz exp in party is negative!!!!OMG you are bring to play alone so you can exp faster!!This cause a bad gameplay, ppl will play alone,have no friends to enjoy game, and make a lot of enemy and report cuz dispute on farm : "i was first then you here", " i need all mob in area to aoe for exp", "go away", "playerkill pk"
    -exp: exp is a big plague of the game. It's very slow to lvlup, cm have their best aoe on lvl48 BUT 99% of players will quit the game before they reach lvl48. A new player that start the game will find himself still lvl30 after x2weeks!!!!This is so crazy compared to other games (for example Aion and Destiny2 you can reach MAX lvl in 1week, and then you will enjoy end-game and start farm and shop).This game need x4 exp until lvl70, to make new palyer join game, enjoy the game and so old player can sell them old items+10 in store.The economy of the game will start to run again and the game will gain new life.
    -drop: drop system is so stupid in this game, its old, its like 1800's games. Nowaday in all other games each party member is taking personal drop from a mob or boss. In florensia we are 5ppl and 1drop so only one will take the dropp and other have to wait 1h the respawn of the boss to roll again. This is so stupid.This push ppl to go play other games where they can paly togheter and can happy dropp ALL members + maybe only roll of one super end-game item.
    The shop is fundamental in this game, 80% of players will skipp a pay2win game.
    The shop is so much expensive in this game.
    A new player will NEVER shop in this game, like me: i have a work,i have a life, i have money, but i will NEVER spend money in a game that in x2weeks i'm still lvl30!!! New player will never shop, and they will quit at lvl5(if you are lucky, lvl2 if not).I want to reach max lvl and then when playing end-game start to shop skinns for beauty and make all my equip +15.
    The idea of the shop is to take as much money from few players, and not take a little money from much player.Let's make some math:
    bad florensia idea: ill take 100$ from 100players, this is equal to 100x100=10k$ gained;
    a good idea of most of milionar games is: ill take 1$ from 1milion pll, this is equal to 1x1m=1m$ gained;
    So you are very stupid cuz you prefer 10k$ instesad of 1m$.This game has good potential, this game if well administred can really make you rich, but you are stupid and the demostration is that the game is dead.Im not encouraged to shop in a dead game.

    You have to invest on new player cuz new palyer can bring new life,can bring they friends, can increas the number of players, can make the game alive again and you can gain a lot of money.
    But this new player will NEVER join or rest in game if the idea of gameplay is still so OLD!!!You have to change this game, you have to make this game competitive, you are NOT the only online game, and all players will join the other games,cuz they are much better then florensia. Old player will quit game too, cuz the game is static, cuz they will rest alone, cuz no new ppl, cuz they cannot sell items in store cuz no new palyer joined game and need this item.
    What to do?In few words: make the game faster and friendly.
    > +20% base movement
    > x4 base exp until lvl70 minimum
    > no malus in party play: no exp penalty, no drop penalty
    > adjust drop rate and drop modality: 3boss in 3servers with 1h respawn was good 10years ago, we are in 2019 now, you are not competitive with other games, they will always win vs you.
    > decrease shop prices: new player will never shop cuz price and cuz gameplay(they quit), old player will not shop cuz the dead game.It's better to take 10$ from 1milion ppls that tahe 100$ from 500ppls.

    Im so sad, you have killed this game again.A game with great potential, a game that with a better administration can make you very rich.A game that can be competitive with others if you focus on gameplay.
    All other games online are not focusing on exp farm anymore, but in end-game.They give a very fast lvl-up system to make new players enjoy the game and not quit, they give a daily quest system to make player return every day for fun and not for lvlup, and they dont have an upgrade system who broke items, or an "have to" shop system needed to upgrade item +15. Nowaday 99% of the games have not an upgrade system +1+2+3+4+5...cuz this impact negatively
    .An happy player will play happy,will make friends, will call friends, will stay in game, is encouraged to return in play, to shop for beauty of for power.
    So if you need someone who know "how to..", just contact me, or listen 100% of players.
    If not just RIP FLORENSIA.

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  2. Valla

    Valla New Member

    May 5, 2016
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  3. Haze

    Haze New Member

    Mar 18, 2016
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    Maybe it's a bit extreme to say that the game is dead but on many points I have to agree and if there is no change, in maybe the next 1-2 years, I'm afraid the game could really be as dead as it was right befor the shut down.

    I totaly agree with "+20% base movement" and "no malus in party play (exp & drop)", because characters are really slow as **** and party play is a punishment.

    "x4 base exp" in my opinion is not wrong but first they have to create at least a bit end game content. No matter how bad the class balance is, there has to be: -new HoW or anything comparable, -daily quests, -daily/weekly/monthly party or/and guild events, and very very important RAIDS!!
    Please go with other big games in mind and create instances with raids, instead of new maps which are nothing else than new elite dungeons.
    Is there anything better than a raid, in groups from 24-30 player? Hours and days of trying to clear the raid, wiping a few times just to figure out how to fight the bosses the best way and so on.

    Leveling to max level in a week is a bit to fast but 1-2 months would be fine. Leveling is not the fun part in a game, it's just for new player to learn the skills and the mainstory of the game. (Which by the way is badly promoted with in the quest) In other games, not want to mention names, you can reach max level with your first character within 1-2 months and then buy ingame and farm special items (equipment) for your twinks which level is equal to the character who wears it until you reach a certain level. Also every piece grants your character bonus exp so your twinks gets faster max level.

    At the moment my highest characters are level 85 and 83 and i'm playing right since the restart of the game. (with months of pausing because no motivation to level) Everytime I think I feel like i could play a bit Florensia I'm struggeling to go online because with my level I have nothing else to do than to level and with 0.02% per monster I have to kill about 5000 of them just to level up because there are no quests (except sh*tty elite dungeon) so it's just boring.
    And guess what? The only thing I can do the next ~20 level is grinding (with only a few elite dungeon quests) and farming items for nearly a year for the new 100+ equipment. (If it's even possible for player who don't cash very much because the only ones I saw so far who have the new equipment are "the super rich ones" with nearly everything +15 and the new map is now older than 1 year)
    I really look forward to it *irony off*

    I think it's to late to change the shop system because there are already to much cs items in the game. It would have been better if clothings would just be cosmetics without stats, it works just fine for other free to play games to.

    The upgrade system... yeah it's sh*t but I think this would be the hardest point to change.

    I don't think there would be any changes in the next time regarding this points even though it's necessary, because as much as I know there is a lack of programmers within AHA. If they could just change a few things to gain new player who don't quit the game that quickly, and lower the prices in the shop at the same time so more people would be able to spend money (yeah there sure are a lot of people who play free to play games because they do not have much money), AHA probably would have more money to spend on good and more programmers so the other things could also get fixed quickly and new content could be created.
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  4. KingArdit

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    Feb 2, 2019
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    this is not good.. avg player 35 in 30days... my clan in destiny 2 have 98players ahahahaha, double ppls of ALL florensia in-game play.
    This game is so bad confronting it with other online games.
    -Destiny2 have 8.4 milion players..if you make a good gameplay and take this amoung of ppls, if they only spend 10$ each in shop = 84milions$ gained
    -this is Aion = x10Florensia :
    -this is Warframe = x1000Florensia :
    -pgb = 1milion players last 30days
    -paladins = x350Florensia
    -rust = x1000florensia
    -dota2 = x100000 florensia

    This demostrated that FLORENSIA IS DEAD, do something to revive this game or go RIP, i know guilds that
    have much more players than ALL players in Florensia in all servers added all togheter.
    Open you eyes!!!! 80player peak in 30days means the game is dead. The online players are only the cryer who have spended a lot of money hey, nad the don't want to quit, and cry every day.
  5. KingArdit

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    Feb 2, 2019
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    totaly agree with you.. the exp is so slow cuz all the game it's lvl-up based and no end-game based.This was good 10years ago, not now, not in 2019. All new players will quit the game at lvl7 when also the stupids understands this game is 1vs1 mob farm every day since lvl48 for CM, and they quit instantly

    -there are no dungeons, no daily dangeons, no matchmaking dungeons. There are no dungeons you apply and go with matchmaking where 1priest needed, 1tank, follow all the dungeon and you kill the final boss and party member enjoy personal or class dropp.

    If they change the game , more ppls will join, will not quit, will shop, and with money they can become rich and pay more programmer to update game or implements new areas.
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  6. Tyki

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    Nov 21, 2016
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    We respect your opinion about the game but I don't think that it's the best to bash it like you do right now. Nevertheless I forwarded your feedback.

    A hint: Naturally Steam can only count those players, that play on Steam. ;)

    Best regards
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