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The Fierce Guardian Swordman guide (GS full STR)

Discussion in 'Mercenary' started by Milo2304, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Milo2304

    Milo2304 New Member

    Jan 28, 2016
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    Well this is the first guide I do, excuse me but my English is so basic and intermediate level, that is the reason this guide is short or… I'm not very explicit in some point of the guide, whit all this I began the guide! Thanks for read!

    PD: This guide I do whit my character of old Florensia, but I’m so lazy for type in a guide XD! The level max I can reach is 90 until it leave play, now I come back for play and i want share this.

    1. The Fierce Guardian Swordman*

    If you think in a GS, we say: “Is the class have a POOL of HP and resist all attacks you launch” “is the class whit the most low damage” “the class we called TANK”.

    That’s one of the reason we do a GS, but this guide is not for this, we want strength, a very high damage and kill monster fast.

    Want be diferent! Want be fierce! That’s is the reason I do this character and i begin again level up whit this build!

    2. Why do this GS?*

    - Fast kill monster 1vs1
    - Fast level up PvE 1vs1
    - Drain HP in combat (I explain that’s later)
    - High Critical rate and DAMAGE! (I explain that’s later)

    3. Build stats

    I explain each stat:

    Strenght: Gives Physical Damage to your melee weapons normally 2~3dmg/point.

    Dexterity: Increases your Avoidance Rate (mobs will miss their attacks on you more often) and Melee & Magic Hit Rate

    Constitution: Increases your HP.

    Intelligence: Increases Magic Attack (normally 2~3 damage/point) and Magic Hit Rate (normally 1~2 values/point).

    Wisdom: Adds MP

    Will: Increases the chance of dealing a Melee & Magic Critical Hit (+150% damage).

    The only and the most important we need up FULL is the STRENGTH.

    4. Skills

    MAX:stone shield, shield mastery, composure, aggression, balance up, impact energy, shield bash (option 1), storm edge (option 2), absolute defense, Sacrifice of blood, sword mastery (option 3)

    PD: the skill have type in "option", only can select 20,the points are insufficent for the 3 skills.

    Need upper slash for stun only lv1!

    No up beserk and heart of steel!

    No up any skill 2 handed sword!!!!

    5. what is the special think in this GS?

    Well, we have a high damage and can kill monster very fast, but we have 2 things very goods in this build:

    CRITICS: you know the Shinning Supervisor Mole Rings? Each ring have you 200%+ crit rate *2 = 400%+ crit rate, you can do a very high damage whit this in a short time and a high stun rate (this ring only for melee attacks)

    HP DRAIN: like a MK, we can drain HP whit the skill SACRIFICE OF BLOOD.

    Example: in MAX (skill lv 7) you do 470 additional damage and drain 38% of realizing damage, if you do a 2000 dmg whit the skill you drain 760HP, whit a crit 3000 dmg you drain 1140HP.

    This GS is so funny and interesting!

    6. what need for more Damage?

    Some item cash… how example the Captain coat (+10% melee damage I no remember).

    7. how obtain HP?

    Again, item cash… you need neck and earring can have you HP and HP recover… can be ring to, but you use the Mole rings more time… but is good have HP cash rings in the bank.

    8. statistics

    in point of range 1 to 5

    PvE: +++++ (5)

    PvP: + (1)

    AoE: +- (1.5)

    Party: +++- (3.5)

    9. my equipment

    You need a good weapon and armor, have all +4 and specially the sword in +6, all sets for GS (bosses sets)

    10. additional

    In PvP only you are good vs Gladiator, GS and priest (some priest)… the rest -- you XD!

    This GS have a very very low HP, is normal sometimes dead in low lvls of 40… we need be 48 for use the sacrifice of blood and drain heal.

    No need use 2H sword, is more better 1H and need shield for more defense.

    Whit the time I edit the guide, for now this is the final

    Thanks for read!
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  2. MasterMoo

    MasterMoo New Member

    Jan 22, 2015
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    Would be fun to try. I just wish sacrifice blood was a better skill. It needs a smaller cool down, add more damage, and do more than 38% heal at max. Vampiric touch does 150% for less points!
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  3. Milo2304

    Milo2304 New Member

    Jan 28, 2016
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    Thanks for read! And is so true. The skill sacrifice of blood need be a little more powerfull... i dont know but 1200dmg and 70% can be more effective... and whit a cooldown more short (6 sec example) this GS can be a beast in pvp. Is a funny build. Whit mole rings crit and energy impact have a very high chance for stun whit probability to do 1,5 dmg crit. In high level this gs can lvl up so fast in 1vs1!

    All the players one time in the game are create a mercenary whit full str. But we leave it and create full con or str+con. I want show this GS is so fun and interesting! Well whit the time i upload picks and more!

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