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[TEAM] Florensia Support

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by Tyki, May 17, 2019.

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    G a m e⠀⠀M a s t e r s . . .

    ...in Florensia work in the ticket system to provide customer service to players of the game. Responsibilities include a full range of customer service functions. They assist with solutions to technical problems, answer questions about the game and its rules and are the first contact person for the player in general. They work on ban and mute requests and take care for a solid flow of ticket answers.

    In addition to that, Game Masters are also responsible for the moderation of the chat in-game. They are doing their best to enforce the Code of Conduct in a polite and friendly manner, help players (especially newbies) and take care of the atmosphere in the game. There is a variety of specializations and promotions Game Masters can go through once they finished their trial phase.​

    We are hiring ⠀⠀G a m e⠀⠀M a s t e r s ⠀⠀(ticket + in-game)

    for all supported languages

    • must be at least 18 years old
    • good level of English skills for team communication
    • secrecy about interns, player information and your identity
    • ability to adapt to performing work according to set procedures
    • experience in customer service (not needed but an advantage)
    • time frame of at least 1 hour per day for your duties (except on weekend)
    • basic experience in the world of Florensia
    • good at teamwork

    What we can offer:
    • work in an international team with matey contact to other Game Masters
    • direct contact to our community as a team mate
    • a chance to improve the game experience for players
    • (first) impressions and experiences in customer service for an online game

    Please remember that the identity of every member of our team is kept a secret. If you decide to apply, please do not tell anyone about your application. To submit an application, please write an email to:


    Do not forget to specify in the title of the mail which team you would like to apply to

    Florensia Team

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