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[SHOP] Ruthless Pirates

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by [GIIKU] Mayu, May 15, 2019.

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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Dear Florensians,

    The treacherous Florensian waters have brought forth some extremely fearless adventurers, crossing the ocean on their ships with blood red sails, a telescope clutched in one hand, a treasure map in the other.

    These sea explorers should be recognizable as the ruthless pirates they are! And we're not saying we don't enjoy a fierce battle at sea, so why not give them some extra stats and see what they make of them? Grab your Ruthless Pirate Coats in brown or green with some nice new stats and set sail!

    Ruthless Pirate Captain Hat [Brown or Green]

    Fishing Rate +7
    Sea EXP +4%


    Ruthless Pirate Coat [Brown or Green]

    Fishing Rate +7
    Sea EXP +3%



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