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[Recruitment] Quality Assurance - be part of the movement!

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by Tyki, Aug 30, 2019.

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    QUALITY ASSURANCE - be a part of the movement!

    The Quality Assurance is searching for new, active testers for some bigger upcoming content updates!

    Your responsibility as part of the Q/A is to test new content, new features or new items. Through a data base for bug issues you have the possibility to test and give feedback if a bug was fixed or something else would need to be changed. The Q/A is basically a job to search and verify problems in game mechanics, which can lead to a test of the same thing over and over again. Keep in mind that you will not have direct contact to the Community as Game Masters or the Event Team have. Knowledge about technical backgrounds of games or coding are evaluated positively, but are not required directly.

    Please understand that being part of the Q/A would mean that you have to actively take part in tests. Just being in the team for getting information is something we do not offer which leads to an instant kick.​

    • must be at least 18 years old
    • good level of English skills for team communication
    • secrecy about absolutely everything you get to know within your job about patches, content and so on
    • ability to adapt to performing work according to set procedures
    • time frame of at least 1 hour per day for your duties
      • There are deadlines for testing specific things set by Giiku Games in which the test should be fulfilled. Own testing for general bugs is possible at any time.
    • basic experience in the world of Florensia
    • good at teamwork

    What we can offer:
    • work in an international team with some kind geeks
    • possibility to give feedback to the officials directly
    • a chance to improve the game experience for players
    • (first) impressions and experiences in work of a Q/A
    • access to the test server even for own tests about character, stats und builds or even items

    Please remember that the identity of every member of our team is kept a secret. If you decide to apply, please do not tell anyone about your application. To submit an application, please write an email to:


    Do not forget to specify in the title of the mail which team you would like to apply to.

    Florensia Team
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