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[NEWS] Rules

Discussion in 'Cardiff Times' started by [GIIKU] Mayu, Oct 18, 2019.

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  1. [GIIKU] Mayu

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    Nov 10, 2016
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    Dear Florensians,

    It has been a while since our test phase for an almost rule-free game experience. We received a lot of positive feedback. Thus, we are glad to announce that the old rules are no longer available, but still we want to mention the points that need to be followed for a nice gameplay for everybody:
    • Behave as you would expect your teammates to behave. Fairness and netiquette are what everyone should strive for.
    • Do not exploit any errors (to your advantage). Everyone should have the same chances!
    • Do not use third-party programs that manipulate, modify, or nullify Florensia, clients, game aspects, or game features.
    • Don't try to rob fellow players of their fun in the game! So-called grief play would speak against the first point!
    Note: The terms and conditions you agreed to with your registration will continue to exist.

    Your Florensia Team
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