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New Player - Help with first character!

Discussion in 'Mercenary' started by IvarTheBoneless, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. IvarTheBoneless

    IvarTheBoneless New Member

    Apr 10, 2018
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    Hi guys, i'm new into Florensia and i want to make a mercenary character. I started a character and got to lvl 18, but reading a little bit about the game it seems you should really know what you're doing when choosing skills and status, becuse you can't reset easily later on. So i would like some tips on what kind of build i should do, what i need to level up and so on...

    At first i liked using the two-handed weapons, wich inclined me to go a Gladiator path, but it seems GS is a better choice. So can you guys tell me if Gladiator can become as good as GS?
  2. Tom

    Tom Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Hey and welcome,

    you should decide if you wanna make a 1v1 or aoe build and if you more like pve or pvp.

    1v1 glad : full str nice to lvl up but no chance in pvp - at least the easiest Build for beginners

    Aoe glad : full con lvl up with aoe style and good build for pvp

    1v1 gs : 200 Str then con: best build for Bosses and nice to lvl up, no chance in pvp

    Aoe gs : full con lvl up with aoe style, Bosses are possible, no Chance in pvp
  3. Rufah

    Rufah Member

    Dec 16, 2016
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    First, you have to choose the metagame you want to play:
    - Would you like Player Vs. Engine (PvE) or Vs. Player (PvP)?
    - Want to play 1x1, with Area of Effect (AoE), Boss Hunt?
    - Want to play alone or with other players?
    - Want to focus on damage, defense or hybrid?

    Gladiator is more focused on damage.
    - You can play full STR killing 1x1
    - If you want play aoe, then full con
    - If you want to tank bosses, full con too
    - You will need mana for the aoes, SO you can put some stats points from sea or buy class clothes to have enough.
    - After class change you will have a 3rd aoe and some offensive skills

    Now Guardian Swordman is a more defensive class.
    - If you want to play 1v1, Tom's stats will work
    - If aoe, full con; same for bosses
    - I don't know if you will need mana for aoes, but I recommend to buy class clothes anyways
    - After class change you will have defensive/tank skills. There's one which gives the damage you do in health, but it's useless if you go full con

    Now, in both you should take all defense pasive skills. Don't take berserk and heart of steel, both are waste of points. If you go 1v1, focus on one-target skills and damage pasive skills; if you go aoe, focus on aoe and defense skills. Movement skills will be pretty useful, but just with low points (1 in berserker; 3 in the glad skill).

    As tips:
    - when grinding 1v1, focus on long range mobs because they have less health.
    - In aoe, take monsters hitting them, and taking 1-3 lvl behind you. Take all what you can, not what you want.
    - Keyshortcuts! Learn the keyshortcuts!!

    I think that would be all I can advice at the moment. .n.
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  4. Maunzilla

    Maunzilla Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Maybe you should consider your first char as experimental. Try different skills and abilities.
    Before having tried everything you cannot tell what will be the right build for your taste.
    With all that experience you can start your 2nd char.

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